Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Victoria Plum Doll

victoria plum
One of my favourite things to do is hunt on eBay for toys from my childhood to replace those that didn't stand the test of time
Recently I purchased this cute Victoria Plum doll that I used to have. Naturally Victoria Plum was a favourite - nothing to do with her name of course ;o) I even went to a fancy dress party as her (such a shame no photos exist although I'm sure I remember posing for them in the garden!)
Victoria Plum was the creation of newsreader Angela Rippon and wikipedia tells me:
"The character was a tree fairy in "the Great Wood". Other fairy characters - Marsha, Ben, Sugar Plum - and talking woodland creatures inhabited the fictional universe"
You can read a post on my childhood toys on my first blog here

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  1. How sweet.... but you're a bad girl because I got to thinking about chickaboo....remember??
    so I went to ebay & bid on one...whoops!! :)

  2. Oh how I love Victoria Plum. I still have all of my books and even a mirror with a picture of her etched on it and my name on the bottom. I have no idea where it came from but Oh how I adored it and infact still do. I bet you loved the name tie in.

  3. Oh she is a cutie! I missed your post on childhood toys, I was on a holiday, but I loved to read it now!

  4. CUTE!! this post reminds me of my barbie doll collection i used to have,, wonder where they are now.. :)

    and i just found out that you like hello kitty stuffs too, i love them! so adorable!! :D

  5. Why is it I always get Victoria Plum and Strawberry Shortcake mixed up ;)

    I too adored her :)


  6. Oh just too cute ... hey are you outa those pj's yet.xx

  7. I do the EXACT same thing -- anything that's in disrepair or just got lost over the years, I track down on EBay, even before my daughter was born.

    I am so glad I have ... it's great to have them cause they bring back such warm memories.

    Plus, it is the COOLEST thing to play with your own kid, with the toys that you used to love. You totally go back to kidworld. ;)

  8. I had no idea Angela Rippon created her. Shes very cute but I think she was a little after my time as Im older than you. Holly Hobbie was my era. I used to work in Fenwicks and I remember there being a rush on Cabbage Patch dolls..Eww! X

  9. hey there sweets,

    eeekk i was confused for a second, i thought i had a new blog and flickr friend.
    This blog is darling!!!
    so brigh and cheery i love it.


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