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It feels longer than the couple of months its been since I last hit publish on a blog post and despite the impromptu break I have still been photographing and testing products 'behind the scenes' so I have plenty to hit publish on over the coming weeks. A good place to start is always by sharing my recent favourites and the first is a welcome return to reading. 

During my redundancy period reading certainly fell to the wayside without a regular commute and any journeys I did make were typically spent on my phone scrolling through social media or indeed preparing for job interviews. As the commute is now once again part of my daily routine books are making a reappearance although it's been a slow start with a couple of books that I just couldn't find myself reaching for until I picked up Beauty by Louise Mensch who you may know as Louise Bagshawe. The story of Dina Kane and her rise to power, dragging herself up from poverty and battling old adversaries. This is simply chick lit with a darker edge, enough to keep me interested rather than a basic boy meets girl tale and the story of Dina making her way in the beauty industry was enjoyable and I was keen to keep turning the pages despite knowing how it was likely to end. As a read to remind me of the enjoyment reading brings me this was it and my only criticism was the somewhat eye rolling description of Dina being such beauty and therefore allowing her such success or opportunity which added less weight to the additional struggle and hard work she was shown as putting in to build her success. 

Along with reading I've slipped back into old skincare habits but a few gems from Aldi are helping me get back on track and the Lacura Caviar 3 Minute Mask is one that also works to combat my excuse of not having enough time. I don't particularly enjoy the process of face masks despite acknowledging the benefits. Clay masks are great for congested skin but so messy and sheet masks similarly so whilst requiring a stance to ensure the mask doesn't slip and so on the excuses continues. The Caviar range from Aldi has already made waves over the years for it's comparisons to the uber expensive and luxurious La Prairie range and whilst I can fully understand the realities of skincare product duping is not really possible in the same way make up can be I do find that I can get on very well with some budget alternatives. For £6.99 the Lacura Caviar 3 Minute Mask is formulated to remove dead skin cells with caviar extract to moisturise your skin. If I've been slack with my regime, perhaps from one too many late nights a quick boost from the mask does the trick and even if your skin is tip top then using this before nights out and applying layers of make up ensures that you're looking your best.

I was very excited to receive a bottle of Joan Collins Timeless Beauty Foundation* although you would think that for my years of blogging and the beauty products that have passed through my hands I would be less prone to making assumptions or judgements about products before I have so much as swatched on my hand, let alone tried on my skin. I presumed that this foundation would be heavy but it is anything but. As it's blurb will tell you on the website it is a 'youth promoting skincare and foundation in one' and Joan Collins is known for looking fabulous as a mature woman so clearly paid great attention to working on a foundation that fellow older ladies would enjoy. 

Containing hyaluronic acid to moisturise your skin and ensure that it aids the base in which you're applying the foundation I found the finish quite flawless and radiant as it suggests. I would refer to this as a medium coverage foundation but you could easily build it up should you require although I prefer the coverage it provides as often the heavier coverage I reach for the more suffocated my skin feels and makes my fine lines more evident. It is very similar in formula to Charlotte Tilbury's Magic Foundation.  

I must also give top marks to the Joan Collins Timeless Beauty website for assisting with the shade of foundation you will need. I was able to pick, nervously, the shade I thought would suit for me based on their recommendations and it was perfect for me. They give guidance on your undertones and the like rather than simple listing shade numbers or names - we all know how those shade names can vary brand to brand.

To prep my skin for the aforementioned foundation I have been loving GOSH Primer Plus+ Skin Adaptor* which is sold as a primer which will enhance any skin tone. Before I continue I did see this in action an event with GOSH and some of the women of colour commented that it was a little ashy so that's something to bear in mind although for my pink undertoned skin I have been able to work well with it. It's quite different to other primers I've used as it doesn't have that silicone feel to it when applied, nor does it feel fluid and hydrating as it's quite a dry formula. That said on the days when I lean towards oilier skin but it does even my skintone out and create a smoother appearing canvas for me to layer make up on. 

Finally has been to remove that wonderful foundation I've been using Elemis Nourishing Omega-Rich Cleansing Oil. I had this travel sized bottle in my ready to go bag of travel minis but as I continue to work through my stash I decided to dig this out and try out and very pleased I have. It's a beautifully smelling thick cleansing oil which melts away make up without leaving my skin crying out for moisture. I don't wear particularly heavy make up and will remove the bulk of any eye make up with a micellar water before I use the cleansing oil as my first cleanse but I find there is no leftover dirt and it is all removed with this first cleanse. I've mentioned how I can be lax with my skincare regime but using this product gives me an extra incentive to head to the bathroom sink and kick things off.

What products have you been enjoying recently?

*this post contains press samples and affiliate links

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  1. I'll admit, I'd have assumed the Joan Collins foundation would be heavy too. I've heard great things about the line, I need to look into it! Xx

    Tania | When Tania Talks

    1. As I say I love Joan Collins but I do have some unfair pre conceived ideas about the line but it's really worth trying out as the products have always been lovely.

  2. The Joan Collins range has some really lovely things, I love the foundation too and wouldn't ever have picked it up xxxx

    Zoe ♥ MammafulZo ♥

    1. Same; it's a lovely range and the packaging is akin to Charlotte Tilbury I just think it gets overlooked as a mature or celebrity brand

  3. I've never heard of Joan Collins before, but the foundation sounds really good!
    Ivory Avenue


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