Wednesday, June 14, 2017

New In Make Up | June 2017

There has been a lot of make up coming way this month so today I wanted to start with a few pieces that have mixed results, starting with the GOSH Contour'n Strobe Kit* in Light. I'm new to the GOSH brand and the Contour'n Strobe Kit has been a great place to start.

My first impressions on receiving this quad were that the highlighter was a little too subtle and the blush lacking in to make it something I would reach for often - how wrong I was. This is the perfect pick up and go palette when I'm over running for work and want to have a full face of make up without hunting out individual products.

The highlighter is subtle, but not that it goes unnoticed but balances well for office wear and the blush is in the same ilk as Wet n Wild's Rose Champagne and Milani's Luminoso in that that add something to the cheeks but compliment my often worn red lip perfectly.

I'm not really one for contouring and tend to swirl my brush in the two shades and warm up my face as I see fit but the option is there should I need it. I must also give a nod to the size of each of the four pans. So often palettes of this type can have tiny pans which means you can barely run an eyeshadow brush across them.

All the four powders have a silky texture with no dustiness meaning the shades aren't in danger of mixing, in fact despite it's use I think it's one of my cleanest looks palettes. I'm still struggling to not reach for this daily and show some love to other products but when something appeals to my laziness whilst delivering what can I do. 

I'm already earmarking this as perfect for my trip to Florida later in the year. Knowing that I will be making a few purchases on the trip I want to travel as minimally as possible where my cosmetics are concerned this would be perfect as well as working for what I expect will be a daily red lip.

There was much excitement when Sleek's Distorted Dreams collection* arrived with the comment 'oh I like Sleek' from my sister in law and my niece demanding that I put some on her which is why I broke the bloggers cardinal role and you will see one of the pans has a finger swipe in it before I was able to photograph.

Unfortunately my excitement didn't match theirs but I must stress I think my age and making peace with my lifestyle means that the current trend for metallics and holographics is not really one for me although I did have some fun playing with it.

First up is the Sleek Make Up Distorted Dreams Highlighting Palette* which is just something that will not work for my mature skin and oily eyelids I'm afraid. I found the holographic pigments were too chunky and the creams too oily. On my cheeks it highlighted every pore and whilst I loved the blue and greens on my eyes they're definitely something I'd need to apply over a base to give them a chance of holding.

If I was heading to Ibiza, festivals or had some such event on the cards I would be inclined to keep hold of this but otherwise it's heading to my sparkle loving sister. I think it's something a more younger person would enjoy although at £10.99 it is perhaps a little more pricey than I would expect to pay.

Likewise the Sleek Make Up Metallic Matte Me Lip Cream* in Roman Copper is just something I won't be rocking in the office but do like nonetheless. If I were heading off on my holidays or perhaps still in my redundancy then I'd find myself wearing this more over the Summer and it has a great pigment and metallic shine whilst still comfortable to wear. I am currently trying to streamline my make up collection and working on lips at the moment and I have faced facts that I do not enjoy a matte nude lip, but throw this metallic lip cream over the top and I'm good to go. These lip creams are only priced £4.99 and currently on 3 for 2 so they're a more affordable way to follow the trend this Summer.

Next is a 'dupe' for the beauty blender and the B. Blending Sponge* which I think on first appearances most of us would be unable to tell the difference. Having developed such a love for my Beauty Blender and being put off by the B. Sponges firmness in comparison it took me some weeks before I finally got to working with this affordable version. At just over £3 this is a worthy contender, even just for use on those in between days when you're washing your tools. I've found I have to dampen the B. Blending Sponge more so than the higher priced version but with a dowsing of Mac Fix+ it's doing great things especially for blending my concealer.

Finally is a product from the much talked about Nip+Fab Make Up range of which I'll have a post coming up next week but today it's the mascara, my favourite product that I'm sharing with you today. The Nip+Fab Make Up Mascara* formula reminds me so much of my once beloved YSL which is perhaps why I'm so in love. From the cone shaped brush which I find makes application a breeze to a thick formula which elongates and curls the lashes that even I ask myself if I'm false eyelashes. As mentioned its formula really reminds me of YSL so much so in the latter weeks I've been using as it's drying out I feel it getting thicker and drier - not that it's affecting it's application. We are in the midst of hayfever season right now but I can't believe I'm not experiencing any fall out or smudging from this mascara - it could very easily become a holy grail and is certainly filling the gap since I said goodbye to Tartes Lights Camera Lashes.

What new make up have you discovered this month?

*this post contains press samples and affiliate links

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  1. I've never tried Nip+Fab makeup, deffo need to though! xx

    1. Stay tuned for a full review of the range coming next week!

  2. I have recently got the Nip & Fab highlighting palette and absolutely love it. It's beautiful! x

    Jordan Alice

  3. I haven't tried Nip & Fab. What a shame you didn't like the Sleek palette, my first thought on seeing your photo was that it looked dreamy. Appearances can be deceptive! I'd have to go and swatch this before buying.
    Thanks for sharing!
    Tori |

    1. Yes I was the same when I saw it, 'that looks amazing' but it's just not right for me but I can see why others would love it. xx

  4. I love the Gosh palette it's so lovely, I use it a lot, the Sleek palette looks lovely but it's a shame it's not for you, I really don't think I'd suit the metallic lip colours, I think I'm a bit too "mature" ha ha ha, great post lovely xxxx

    Zoe ♥ MammafulZo

    1. I'm trying to declutter which is not helped because I'm not using other products and keep reaching for the GOSH one as it's so easy to use!!

      Yes I think as much as I'd like to think I can get away with a metallic lip it's not something I could rock in the office!! xx


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