Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Charging My iPhone on the Go

We've all seen the meme 'my iPhone spends so long on charge it's like having a landline again' it's surprising iPhone's are so popular when their battery life is so bad. Over the years I've spent far more than I'd like on regular chargers and testing out portable versions that I was delighted when I found this one last year.

Since I initially purchased for my trip to Florida it has treated both me and my friends well whilst out and about and on holiday ensuring that battery life was maintained and photos could still be taken and social media duties kept on top of. One of the features most complimented was that it did not require a separate lead due to one being built in.

Since it had such regular use and with a lead being somewhat delicate it has unfortunately led to the need to replace my beloved portable charge. Over recent weeks I've found it's ability to charge lacking and I was starting to fear such was my reliance on, that I'd be caught short whilst out and about so it was time to replace it.

I imagine my horror when I checked online and it was no longer available. Cut panic as I searched for a replacement, not wanting to waste money on something that didn't perform so well and ensuring that any replacement had a built in lead. My search led me to the KOBWA External Battery Power Bank.

The KOBWA Power Bank is not without faults, but focusing on the main function to charge 'on the go' I think this might be even better than the one I had previously. I'll start with what some may deem the negative, certainly as a friend commented recently 'is your charger big enough' and it is indeed somewhat larger, or more thicker than the one before. The KOBWA Power Bank is still in the iPhone sized category although as mentioned thicker and slightly heavier than an iPhone. That said I have been carrying it around in my bag for some weeks now and I've not found it cumbersome or that it is weighing down my bag - I tend to give up my make up bag before I even look at leaving the charger at home. I'll forgive the weight for it's ability to hold many charges.

I find that because of it's ability to hold more charges than my previous charger did I'm not constantly worrying about charging the charger and I can get away with a few days here and then depending on usage. Another extra tick for this portable charger is that whilst the leads fit neatly into the unit creating a 'built in effect' they are removable and have the choice of inserting any lead via a USB with multiple options included with the purchase.

You'll find in your kit a lead for an iPhone and other brands, a friend worrying about her diminishing phone battery on a recent night out was overjoyed when I shared my portable charger with her. Even more so when she replied 'my phones a Samsung' expecting it only to be suitable for iPhones and I was able to show I had an attachment to charge her phone too.

For a compact charger I like that you can adapt and tweak to your needs whether you're using Apple products or other brands. This feature will come in handy when I travel to Florida once again with my brother and his family who are all Samsung phone users - and more importantly we can keep the iPad fully charged for my youngest niece to ensure good behaviour during any hanging around in the Disney Parks.

The KOBWA Power Bank is £22.99 and worth every penny. I'm keen to see how long this charger will last for me as I put them through regular use, using a couple of times a week. Even at home I'll use the portable charger as I don't have a plug socket near enough to keep my iPhone to hand when sitting on the sofa. I find it much sturdier and the leads less delicate so I have high hopes on this handbag and travel staple.

How do you keep your mobile phone charged when you're on the go?

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  1. This sounds great, I need one of these to take on my holidays with me and want one that has multiple charges xxx

    Zoe ♥ MammafulZo

    1. This one is worth looking at. So many others I've found hold limited charge and if you don't use them daily they lose the charge anyway. This one is a lifesaver! x

  2. This is a great post, portable chargers are so popular now and it's no wonder why, they are so handy! They're good for holidays and festivals but also for day-to-today busy life when you're on the go. They are a must-have accessory right now!


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