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Holiday Cleansing with DHC

DHC Deep Cleansing Oil Review

I'm always torn when travelling abroad how far to take my skincare regime, sometimes I want to keep it simple other times I embrace the luxurious bathroom and enjoy the evening ritual of preparing for bed - even after one or two cocktails.

DHC have ticked the box for my travel needs of late and you may remember they previously accompanied me to Center Parcs so with a new addition to the line up it was time to spend a thorough 10 days putting them to the test in St Lucia.

My morning cleanse came from DHC Mild Soap* which as I've shared before is my surprise favourite. Using facial cleansers in soap form is something we in the West aren't usually fans because of fears they would be drying and soaps by nature can often be messy things that aren't ideal for travel.

Firstly let me assure you it is travel friendly, it's a small compact size and comes in its own case, or soap dish if you will so does not leave residue on sink tops or cause a mess in your bathroom. I've been using this for any overnight stays in recent months and it slots into the smallest of make up bags.

Throughout my trip I'd cleanse my face in the morning and before getting ready for our evenings out to remove SPF and the grime from a day around the pool or travelling the island so I was conscious that anything too drying could cause me issue. I'd also find myself cleansing my face, then perhaps pausing for a conversation with a friend, answer a text or taking impromptu photos of rainbows and did not find any tightness to be my skin even before I began layering facial sprays and moisturisers.

It's simple to use and it's method of use is like any other soap you've tried, add water, massage in hands and then onto your face. Of course there is 'foaming' but it's light and doesn't irritate skin, even after a day in the sun or following a dehydrating long haul flight. Soaps aren't a product that I would expect to be a luxurious experience but DHC Mild Soap really does and I'd highly recommend trying.

A cleanser that slotted into my regime as and when it was needed was DHC Face Wash Powder*. This was a completely new product and concept to me I was unsure how I'd react but again, the unexpected impressed me.

I had initial concerns that the DHC Face Wash Powder would be too harsh for my skin in it's powder form but it's nothing like a scrub and as soon as water is activated with the powder it turns into a creamy formula which can be lathered onto skin. Protease enxymes exfoliate the skin but are soft enough to use on a daily basis. I didn't want to risk using this daily and destroy my tan but in lieu of acid toners and the like it was great to refresh skin and remove any dull skin every couple of days or so.

I did find that I had some peeling around my hairline and after one particular day in the sun the chance of my nose shedding but after using this face wash powder any damage was lifted without causing irritation and I thanked the lavender ingredients for it's soothing qualities. I'm certain depending on your skin type and requirements it would be a lovely product to use daily.

This is a great product to travel with, especially as hand luggage thanks to it not being restricted by liquid allowances and allows you to forgo acid toners if space is limited. Having returned home and wanting to maintain my tan whilst ensuring that any dead skin is banished this product has found a home in my bathroom for regular use.

Finally is the product that is one of DHC's most talked about and loved, DHC Cleansing Oil*. I was due to write and publish this post yesterday but as time ticked on and I was trying to work how adequately to talk about a product that is certainly great but I just don't love I suspected it was down to it's travel bottle. The travel size of this product requires you to shake the product into your and due to it's consistency I find myself quite aggressively fighting with the product which is often the last thing I want to do at the end of an evening before climbing into bed. I'm aware that the full size is in a more traditional pump so I decided to decant into a pump bottle I had to hand and see if that changed my opinion.

I appreciate that packaging shouldn't be the main driver when using a product as this is a great cleanser that cuts through make up but if you are like me it's worth noting. This is a concentrated oil which I think is where my issues with 'shaking it out' come from as it doesn't flow with ease, far better from a pump but a little goes a long way and isn't greasy to use and feels very light on skin. I used with a flannel and followed with the KYPRIS Cleanser Concentrate as my second cleanse.

There is always a danger on holiday from the combination of factors from SPF to one two many heavy meals skin can show the effects but I'm pleased to say that throughout the time I was away thanks to this trio of products my skin didn't suffer at all. Of course there were one or two other products that leant a helping hand and I'll be sharing them later in the week.

Have you used any DHC cleansers before?

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  1. I've never tried these type of cleansers, and if I'm honest I'd probably pass them by when out shopping for fear that they wouldn't suit my skin. After reading this post though, I'm really intrigued. I want to experiment a little and improve my skincare routing, it sounds like these products would be a good place to start! Xx

    Tania | When Tania Talks

    1. DHC is certainly a great brand and I definitely find the products are gentle for the skin whilst doing their job.


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