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Inside my Center Parcs Make Up Bag

Center Parcs Spa Review

If you have read my review of Center Parcs Elveden Forest you might rightly assume the need for a fully stock make up bag wasn't necessary. That said a skincare regime is always in place and the knowledge that there would be one or two selfies take in the beautiful surroundings one needs to ensure make up is in place so I thought I'd share with you today which made the cut - including a mini Dyson hairdryer review thanks to borrowing my friends over the weekend. 

Starting with the skincare and I took along the DHC Cleansing Oil* and Mild Soap* both of which came in the DHC Bento Box for am and pm cleansing duties. As I said in my initial review it's the Mild Soap which I favour and enjoy using most although the Cleansing Oil is needed for mascara and make up removal, especially in this instance where I didn't take along extra micellar waters or eye make up removes. 

For toner or facial spritzing was the Monuspa Rosewood Reviving Mist* which has now reached the end of its life having lived in my make up bag for some time and used as a refresher after a day at work (yes, yes, which was a couple of months ago now!) followed by serum.

Serums are often the product I forgo for a one or two night stay as I don't have many in travel size or their standard bottles can be glass, bulky and not suitable for travelling, that is apart from Nip+Fab Viper Venom Frown Fix* which is perfect to be slipped into a make up bag and is quite easily brushed onto skins. Containing ingredients to 'freeze' expression lines and wrinkles. How well it goes to 'freeze' them I wouldn't like to say but they can appear less noticeable and the hylauronic acid is great for hydrating after the booze consumed during our evenings. 

The InstaNatural Eye Gel*, a product received for Amazon review purposes is a nice hydrating eye cream which I'm a little indifferent about at the moment and perhaps as it's my eyes that are the area I like to pay most attention to I need something with a little much punch. That said it does keep the eye area hydrated, isn't drying and make up applies on top. It's gel nature would make it a great product for those who suffer sensitive eyes, especially in the Summer. 

I settled for using the ALGENIST Genius Ultimate Anti-Aging Cream* as both a day and night cream. It's a lovely cream that is quite mousse like in texture which I enjoyed. As often with skincare travel sizes beyond texture and initial application I cannot tell you much about it's various properties and claims but it was certainly a nice product to use for my trip.

Center Parcs Spa Review

This is about as 'capsule' as I get with my make up and you will spot some of my 2016 Favourites making a reappearing, starting with primer and setting from Dermalogica and Mac. If you're looking for a non silicone primer and price isn't a factor the Dermalogica Hydrablur Primer* is a good place to start. I'm nearing the end of my tube so it's the product I continue to reach for. Mac Prep + Prim Fix+ remains a go to product, and whilst I haven't published any monthly favourites recently this would have been the one making multiple appears if I were. 

The base was covered by L'Oreal Infallible Pro-Glow Foundation and Bourjois Radiance Reveal Concealer and an application method from Primark. I picked up the Primark Beauty Blender dupes on a recent shopping trip in full and mini sizes thinking for a few pound I could give them a go, and even if not great I could make them work between Beauty Blender cleaning days. The smaller sizes are amazing for concealer and if you buy one or the other gets these although the full size is still worth the few pounds and I'm finding it's a major contender and working well for application.

I have something of a love/hate relationship with the L'Oreal Infallible Pro-Glow Foundation and took that along to try and form a decision. Its pretty obvious that with the matte version being a top favourite that a version giving some glow would not be and that is where my love falters. Coverage is flawless as one would expect but I'm just not a fan of the all over dewy look but if you have dry skin or indeed favour the glow then try this out. That said it's a US only product so difficult to get hold of for us in the UK.

Physicians Formula Butter Bronzer was thrown into the bag along with a recent favourite Wet n Wild MegaGlo All-In-One Highlighting Stick in Light Up My High-Biscus which is such an easy swipe, blend and go product. It gives a pink flush to the cheeks which is perfect paired with a red lip, which indeed was my choice for Center Parcs. Another product I was trying to decide on, and I'm sad to say has made it into the 'products that don't work for me' pile was Maybelline Master Strobing Stick in Nude Glow. As I said in my initial post featuring the Strobing Stick I talked about not knowing how to use this especially when more often than not reaching for a powder blush. As in this instance I was using cream blush I thought I'd give it a try. Is it a 'nice' product? Yes but sadly not one for me. With a preference for powder products and an abundance of highlighters in powder form I know I do not love this enough to reach for it so it'll be passed on to the pile to share with friends and family. 

I usually forgo eye make up and rely on my red lip when in a 'relaxed state' but I still threw in my handy Chanel Eyeshadow Palette in case I wanted a little something to pair with my new DHC Gel Eyeliner Pencil*. I'm in no way skilled with eyeliner, my lids don't lend themselves well to a wing even if I were adept at doing so but I still like to have some liner and often use a powder and angle brush for definition but I wanted to give this a try and I've found it's a far easier product for on the go. and perfect for tight lining. When in a hurry I find myself reaching for this as it's easier to line and go with ease.

Brows are filled in quickly with the Wet n Wild Ultimate Brow Mascara, the brush of which is the right size for my thick brows and enough product is added to the brow without overloading and lashes from By Terry Terrybly Growth Booster Mascara* which I forgot to photograph but you can find on Instagram. This is a lovely mascara from brush, to application and finish but the price tag is just a little too much for me to justify spending. Of course it's 'futuristic serum mascara' which explains the price tag and if you have the money to spare I'd say go for it. The red lip was care of Maybelline Color Jolt/Lip Paint, I'm sure you recognising the pattern, a quick and easy to apply product.

Dyson Hairdryer Review

Finally a mini review of the Dyson Supersonic Hairdryer which I was able to try out care of my friend Lavinia who picked this up on a recent shopping trip. The Dyson Hairdryer was doing the blogger rounds last year and received rave reviews despite a whopping £300 price tag. Yes for a hairdryer. Now I have a Dyson vacuum which I'm sure I paid a tidy sum for and can vouch it is still going some four or five years later, but £300 for a hairdryer. Really?

My friend Lavinia purchased this as she has gorgeous, long, thick hair that makes me green with envy takes some time to dry and with a little one to take care of she needed some help which indeed the Dyson has provided. I have short hair and not a lot of it so drying my hair is quick to do, and something Lavinia is envious of so we're never happy are we, and in the Summer I can easily wash and go without even have to worry as I know that by the time I reach the office my hair will be dry but that didn't stop me wanting to try out the Dyson.

My first impression is I don't particularly like the style and it feels very alien to hold after so many years of your traditional style of hairdryer but it is ideal for travelling and so so light to hold. I switched on and I was, pardon the pun, blown away by how quickly this dried my hair. I wasn't doing anything spectacular, nor attempting styling just simply head tipped over and a blast from the Dyson. In a matter of minutes my hair was dry. Unlike other hairdryers which I find can become too hot or you indeed have to blast up the heat to dry hair quickly the temperature from the Dyson Hairdryer was comfortable and the air was certainly distributed differently and less 'blasting' than I'm used to. Would I like a Dyson Hairdryer? Yes most definitely and if I had a spare £300 laying around I would pick one up immediately. For me is it worth the price tag, not really but it's definitely something I would like to think about treating myself in the future - it could take a while but maybe it's something to save those Boots Advantage Card points up for.

Have you tried or been tempted by the Dyson Hair Dryer?

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  1. My hairdresser tried out the Dyson hairdryer on me about 10 days ago, she received it as a Christmas present. My thick hair takes ages to dry and this didn't seem to dry it any quicker. My hairdresser said she is loving using it - maybe because it is light. I would never be able to afford one and, having had it used on me, I wouldn't buy one even if I did have the money.

    1. That's a shame it didn't make any difference to your drying time x

  2. I love seeing what people pack in their makeup bags. I find packing light so difficult, though I have improved from the days where I'd take half of my collection with me 'just-in-case'. I love that you picked a red lip, such a classic look. Xx

    Tania | When Tania Talks


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