Monday, July 18, 2016

Duty Free Haul

I’m sure the reason I love airports so much is that they usually involve going on holiday and if that’s the first then the second is Duty Free. Once I’m through security I’m like a woman possessed acting like someone with a Khardashians bank balance, throwing anything and everything into my basket. Please tell me I’m not alone in thinking that Duty Free spending isn’t like ‘real life’ spending.

When I hit Duty Free last month the top item on my list was Estee Lauders Bronze Goddess. This is a very clichéd Summer fragrance but in defence of jumping on the bandwagon I did resist for a long time as this scent is wheeled out every year and bloggers rave about ‘summer in a bottle’. I must have given Bronze Goddess a sniff on many occasions over the years and decided it wasn’t for me. I tend to favour heavy scents so it’s no surprising this ‘eau fraiche’, the most diluted version of a fragrance didn’t spark any joy… until now. A few weeks ago I was strolling through House of Fraser and gave it the cursory spray and wandered off once again unimpressed. Hours later I would keep getting wafts of the scent and realised how much I loved it. Interesting Ben turned his nose up when I was making my purchase but later in the holiday he commented on how he actually now liked it so if you haven’t found love in first spritz do try it on your own skin and see how it settles later in the day.

There’s little I can tell you that every other blogger and fan has; sun, sea, sand, coconut, memories of laying on a beach, yes it is all true and all there. It’s a whooping 100ml, glass bottle which makes me wonder would they not have been more successful bringing this out in a more travel friendly option such as the Chanel Purse sprays. It was the perfect scent to wear on my Menorca trip but I’ll be slightly reluctant taking it to Italy with me next month due to my luggage allowances.

And if one bottle wasn’t enough my mum has just returned from holiday and given me another bottle, not realising I had already purchased for myself. Clearly I mentioned this a lot recently. At least I’m stocked up now for the next couple of Summers.

Elizabeth Arden Eight House Cream Lip Protectant was one of my most used and repurchased items years ago. If I was travelling through Duty Free I would pick up this and an YSL mascara but as my beauty blogging grew and I discovered other products this little ritual disappeared. Did I need another lip balm, and certainly a pricey one at that not really but sometimes you just think why not.

The Elizabeth Arden Lip Protectant is £20 on the high street (£16.65 in Duty Free) and available in clear, my preference, and sheer tinted versions which I’ve never tried but would perhaps lend themselves well to current trends. It has the same properties as the Eight Hour Classic products and if like me you don’t like to apply product with your fingers to lips then this is a better choice. Containing skin softeners, sunscreen and Vitamin E it works from Summer to Winter. Whether you need to protect lips from sun exposure or dry and chapped lips this product will see you through. I’ve really enjoyed this rediscovery and am questioning why I ever stopped using it, it really is one of the best products and is saving the day when wearing matte lip products.

No trip to Duty Free is complete without swinging past the Mac Counter, my usual purchases are make up brushes, often adding to my stash of Mac 217 and 239. This time I needed to replace my 266 Small Angled Brush which for some reason is the brush I’m forever loosing. I always have a list of lipsticks and eyeshadows that I’m keen to investigate but depending on time and how many others have the same goal plays a part in whether I explore further. Continuing with the blogger clichés my list included Velvet Teddy, the lipstick that received notoriety when it was rumoured that Kylie Jenner was a fan. I also had Whirl and Soar Lip Liners on my list. I asked the sales assistant which she thought was a better match. After confirming I preferred a pink rather than brown nude she suggested Soar.

I’m still ‘new’ to nude lip colours and I’m definitely finding that the more pinks suit me better than browns and Velvet Teddy is definitely on the browner side and it’s matte finish, whilst with a creamy edge, isn’t the most flattering I own. I also found that Soar was very similar to the shade Dervish which I already own and perhaps are brown liner would’ve been a more complementing match. I’m still experimenting with it and I’m glad it’s in my collection, just perhaps Summer isn’t the right time for it to come out to play.

Finally I returned home with a new perfume, YSL Black Opium which was available for an additional 20% discount on my Easyjet flight. I think the discount and lack of exiting Duty Free purchases on my outbound journey meant I was easy prey. Admittedly I had seen this scent doing the rounds on blogs and it was ingrained in memory after smelling in store and enjoy it’s scent. This is more of my traditional style of fragrance than Bronze Goddess with a sweeter hit for Summer. I can’t deny I love the look of the bottle too.

Rather a nice little Duty Free haul there for me, I just need to decided what I’ll be buying on my next trip now. What do you recommend and do you have any traditional duty free purchases you make?

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  1. Oh I love YSL Black Opium, 20% off sounds like the perfect excuse to treat yourself, to me! Hope you had a lovely holiday ♥

    Jess xo | The Indigo Hours

  2. The odd time I've been through duty free I never seem to grab a bargain :-(. x

    1. I wouldn't ever say they're really 'bargains' just the mere one or two pound off makes me think that it is!

  3. I adore Black Opium but it's my Autumn/Winter scent. I've never smelled the Bronze Goddess, need to see what's the hype's about :) x
    Mummy’s Beauty Corner

  4. Victoria, have your tried Estee Lauder's Modern Muse? I used to wear EL Pleasures all the time but now I'm hooked on Modern Muse! You really have a wonderful duty free haul :)!!

    1. I have a sample of that at home I'm sure, I must dig that out x

  5. I love Soar lip liner it's so nice, looks great with Faux lipstick too :) My daughter can get the BG for £13.00 ish with her MUA discount so I am definitely going to ask her to pick me one up, love a bit of duty free shopping, it's all part of the holiday :) great post as always xxx

    Zoe ♥ MammafulZo

    1. Oh I'll have to investigate Faux lipstick! I bet you love that MUA discount ;) xx

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