Wednesday, April 6, 2016

March 2016 Beauty Favourites

My blogging mojo has certainly returned the past couple of months and I feel like I've found 'my groove'. As such I've been testing, rediscovering and enjoying many products which I will have already shared, or plan to in their own posts. This month's 'dedicated' favourites post features those which I haven't yet shared with you.

First up is a product I am seriously regretting buying in the smaller size, Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish in the the Limited Edition Sweet Orange and Mint scent. I've discussed Cleanse and Polish numerous times and it remains one of my favourite cleansers to rely on. I wasn't actually in the market for a cleanser when I stumbled across the new limited editions last year, one sniff and I couldn't resist with some attempt at 'being sensible' with this small size. As I'm starting to recognise the extra effort required from a pump I can sense I may be nearing the end. I prefer to use this in the mornings although it works perfectly fine as an evening cleanse depending on the amount of make up you may be wearing. For that reason Cleanse & Polish is often the one I'll take on holiday with me for ease. On the bright side I did give the newest scent from Liz Earle, Rose and Cedant a sniff the other day and once again Liz Earle have managed to create a rose scent I like.

Next up is Bumble and Bumble Sunday Shampoo and Clarins Beauty Flash Balm, two cult products that once again I've had for some time but never really paid attention to. I had some sporadic use of Bumble and Bumble Sunday Shampoo and must admit it didn't have much of an impact on me but since I've got into a regular routine of using once a week I've certainly goldieforway a difference in my hair. A weekly detox to remove all product residue, hard water minerals, pollutants and the like. I'm not one for using numerous products on my my hair but it does get particularly greasy and along with another shampoo and conditioner duo I'm using that hasn't been too much of a problem. It's on the pricey side but despite weekly use I'm not finding I'm going through it at too rapid a rate to make it seem too expensive to repurchase.

Clarin's Beauty Flash Balm was a gift with purchase I can't even remember and it's sat in the draw for far too long. As I was having my 'must use what I have moment' and enjoying testing out various primers, of which this is recommended for use I moved it onto my dressing table.

It does seem to be something of a marmite product in the beauty world, you either love it or hate it. Some say it adds a glow to your skin and they claim to 'erase traces of dull, lifeless skin' and others just complain it does nothing for them or makes them look oily. I can understand that and don't think it's a product I'll be using as the weather warms up but during Spring it's coming up a treat. I reach for it when I've had a sleepless night or maybe a night on the town and want to perk up my skin and really feel like it does. Combing with Chanel Les Beiges Healthy Glow Fluid really does amp up the glow and it stops Charlotte Tilbury's Magic Foundation appear too flat.

I do apologise for repeating myself but as I work my way through the Spring Cleaning of my make up stash I've been moving products onto my dressing table to decide if they should stay or go. Two that have been under scrutiny and passed the test are Benefit's Hervana Blush and L'Oreal Amber Rush Infallible Eyeshadow.

I literally cannot give you an explanation for why I original purchased Hervana, was it blogger influenced I don't know as when I look at it, or certainly until recently it wasn't a blush that made me particularly excited. Suddenly I can't be parted from it and it's not be moved on so I can test other products I'm enjoying having it regularly to hand. A mix of shades that I just swirl my brush in it gives a subtle stain finish which brightens up my day time look. Perfect paired with a brighter lip or smokey eye I'm glad to have rediscovered it.

L'Oreal Amber Rush I do remember purchasing. This is one of those 'only available in the US' products and was on every 'things to buy when visiting the US' post. Duly I did as instructed and then admittedly, as we many eyeshadows I cast aside. Why I ask myself. Only the other day I was in the bathroom washing my hands as a friend tried to talk to me and I had to apologise as I was not listening and admiring my sparkly eyes. I don't have the best eyelids, or shall I say smoothest and perhaps it's time to leave the sparkle to others but I'm not ready yet. It's a perfect one shadow colour paired with some mascara and perhaps liner.

Finally it's too lip products that in colour are not too dissimilar but certainly are in finish.  Benecos Lipstick in Marry Me* I've only just recently shared with you and that's how it's found it's way into my favourites pile. Initially tested and then added to the every growing pile of lipsticks I can't bear to part with I started wearing again to remind myself what I thought for the blog post. Suddenly it's in the everyday pile and I'm reaching for it often. As I explained in my Benecos review its a reddish pink perfect for the current season.

Likewise NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in San Paulo is a the opposite of Marry Me in formula but the shade a raspberry pink works well, again for those days when I'm not feeling a bold lip but want more colour than a nude.

Stay tuned for another selection of favourites from my bathroom and don't forget to share with me what you've been loving this month.

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  1. Benefit's Hervana has been my favourite blush this month too - it's so pretty xx

  2. I love Sunday shampoo but can't use it cause my hair is tinted and it strips the colour :( I find it really good as an oily shampoo it's a shame I can't use it, I have a beauty flash balm but don't really know what to do with it to be honest, I might dig it out and give it a go again :) great post, I love favourites posts :) xxx

    Zoe ♥ MammafulZo

    1. Oh that's good to know... I'm having my hair coloured (steps to going 'bronde') at the weekend so that's worth knowing! Do you use any other clarifying shampoos or is it all that affects the colour?

      I was the same about Beauty Flash Balm but as I'm trying to use my stash I decided to give it a go. I currently use as a primer over moisturiser, particularly with flatter base products. I think it'd be too much on top of moisturiser in the summer but for now I'm loving how it's looking.


    2. I like the Boots Expert Build Up Remover shampoo, it's £3.49, it's not as good as the Sunday shampoo but it's not a bad shampoo for the money, and doesn't strip my hair at all :) xxx


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