Wednesday, October 7, 2015

YOSO Trim Review

You may remember at the beginning of the year I fell in love with the epilating and the Braun Epilator  and I can confirm the love has not died yet. I do find I'm now in the position that if I have let things slide for a day or two without giving the necessary attention needed epilating isn't necessary but I still might have one or two facial hairs to remove. Enter the YOSO TRIM*.

The YOSO Trim is a petite, battery operated razor of sorts which is perfect for dealing with, especially in my case the upper lip area. I still find that the epilator isn't always 'perfect' for dealing with this area whereas the YOSO Trim swiftly deals with hair removal in seconds. Likewise I still like to get my eyebrows threaded but on a less frequent basis now as I'm able to keep an eye on them with tweezers and the like and just visit when I need a proper shape up. If I'm inbetween those appointments and have a night out and want to make sure I'm looking tip top when I don't have time to visit the salon I use the YOSO Trim. I was nervous at first heading straight for the eye area with it but there was nothing to fear.

Of course you'll not receive the same effect as if you were tweezing or threading from the root but in a pinch its the perfect solution. As I'm dark haired sometimes I can be left with a slight 'pinhole' from the hair but it's certainly improved on things looking unshapely.

When I first used this my upper lip area was suffering some dryness so I did find it seemed to tackle that more so than the hair so I would be mindful if you're dryer skinned but once I was back to my usual self it's hair only - and I'll add it wasn't unpleasant or painful just that there was the 'layer of skin' it'd reach before the hair. Now doesn't that sound lovely!

The YOSO Trim is the size of a pen so it's also handy to throw in your handbag or keep in a draw at work. The lights in our toilets are perfect and I can't tell you how many times I've looked in the mirror one day to be happy with what I see and then the next a hair has sprung from nowhere. Having the YOSO Trim to hand means I can tackle it immediately.

*This post contains press samples.

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