Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Products I Used Up | May 2015

This month's empties are probably to be strictly fair somewhere from the early part of the month as I tried to get ahead of myself before heading to Dubai but nonetheless here is the latest stash of products that made their way into the empties pile.

Radox Relax Bath Soak with Lavender & Waterlily 
I go through Radox Bath Soaks like water and like to buy a different scent when repurchasing. The recent one I have been using is Lavender & Waterlily which is ideal for my Sunday evening bath.

imPRESS Press on Nails, Kiss & Tell*
imPRESS nails are my saviours when I'm heading out and have left it too late to paint my nails. I recently wore these on my trip to Bob Bob Ricard where I knew I'd be posing with a champagne glass or two and couldn't have a chipped manicure on show.

ActivBod Pick Me Up Scrub*
I wish I didn't use up the ActivBod Body Scrub so quickly and had left it to take on my hols. It's size and energising scent would've been perfect but alas I enjoyed it too much to put on hold. I would definitely repurchase for future holidays (only not on this occasion due to using other products) although it's size and speed I went through wouldn't make it necessarily ideal for sitting in the bathroom. One of the gym kits certainly.

007 Fragrance for Women* link
There's certainly a theme for this months empties being those I loved and went through at a rate of knots. I was sad to reach the end of this surprising fragrance favourite. Novelty fragrances have proved me wrong and this was a great smelling perfume for an afforable price. I will definitely be thinking about repurchasing this when we hit cooler weather.

Cuticura Dry Skin Protective Hand & Nail Cream* link
Compared to recent favourites from Roger & Gallet there is no competition from Cuticura. This is the sort of hand cream that I associated from years ago when they were nothing products and served a function rather than being 'luxurious'. As a functional product this was a good one but not something I'd rush to repurchase, it was just too boring for me.

SENSPA Detox Bath Salts link
I picked these Bath Salts up during a trip through Waitrose with the anticipation that these would detox my soul. Sadly that wasn't strictly the case, nor realistic expectations on my part. As for the realities of the product I wasn't so much of a fan. The salts made my baths a gritty experience which wasn't pleasant and I didn't find there were any pleasures nor benefits from using.

Hugo Boss, Woman* link
Nina Ricci, Ninalink
I used to wear Hugo Boss some years ago so it was nice to return to an old favourite. From The Fragrance Shop's recent Discovery Box (which I must post about soon) is once again proves what a great idea to return to old favourites that you might not always want to purchase full size.  Nina Ricci is perfume brand I dabble with but whilst I like the scents I'm never quite sold on them.

Sure Maximum Protection Deodorant link
You really don't need another paragraph about how much I love this deodorant do you? As an aside it's currently on holiday with me in Dubai and managing to keep up the pace.

Bumble & Bumble Thickening Hairspray link
Sorry to end on a downer but I blooming hate this stuff. It smells of Jaegarbombs and leaves my hair first wet then dry. Many times I've given it the benefit of the doubt, styled my hair. Sprayed on the hairspray and am left with a wet mop. Back to Elnett for me.

So there you have my Empties for May, some good, some bad. Stay tuned for a mini 'bonus' holiday empties post.

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  1. The Radox bath soak sounds wonderful <3

  2. Quite fancying the Activbod. My youngest is going around stinking of 007 for men as I bought some aftershave for hubbys b'day in Boots and was cheeky and asked if they had any samples - the tight wads only gave me two - 007 and a dior one, but no perfumes - 'cor spend a fortune and dont get any brucie bonuses :-( not good!! lol

    1. You're as bad as my mum she always asks for freebies when she makes a purchase!

  3. I'd love to try out some of the B&B hair products!
    I did an empties post too, today, if you care to check it out ;)

    Love, Charline | Charline Has a Blog

    1. They are worth trying, there's a lot of travel sizes that are a good starting point before investing in the larger sizes.

  4. Bumper empties - you've done well at using up this month! x


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