Tuesday, May 12, 2015


Monthly Beauty Favourites

This months favourites are a mix of things that certainly show I'm getting into the Spring spirit as well as one or two more hardy products that have helped me out of a spot or two. Let's dive straight in. 

MicroCell Nail Repair* link
MicroCell is a new to me brand that has recently hit the UK after making waves in Germany where it is one of their top sellers. As typical with products of this type a diligent daily application is required for things to take effect so laziness had prevented me from entering into a test period to put together a full review for the blog. I remember asking the rep at the time whether you could apply MicroCell and put a colour on top and she said yes, but you would need to remove every night and reapply as directed. Hmmmm well that wasn't going to happen.

Then my base coat ran out and I reached for the bottle thinking maybe I would be encouraged to test throughly. In short this did not happy but I was pretty impressed days later when with the aid of my eyeCandy top coat my nails were looking better than ever. I won't delve much further as I am hoping whilst on holiday next week and doing some chopping and changing of nail colours and of course the more relaxed regime of sitting on my backside by the pool will give my nails a chance to improve further and give a better basis for a full review. That said, despite not following the instructions 'to the letter' there has been a marked improvement in the strength (and therefore length!) of my nails
Chanel Nail Colour, Rose Insolent link
My dad went to the US a year or so ago and whilst he wouldn't be visiting a Sephora anytime soon I couldn't miss the opportunity to pick me up one or two items. Instead I decided to give him a Chanel shopping list which he would be able to hand over at the Duty Free counter. On that list was Rose Insolent and this is possibly one of my most favourite Chanel nail colours. If you read my post about how disappointing Chanel nail colours are for wear and tear thankfully due to my trusty eyeCandy top coat I have breathed new life into them.

Rose Insolent is the perfect transisitional pink for Spring. Not too pastel, not too neon just right. It makes a change from my standard reds and its been a colour I reached for more frequently throughout May.

The Body Shop Soothing Gel* link
When I originally posted about the Aloe skincare range from The Body Shop the soothing gel was the product I'd had the opportunity to use least. Some months on it's become the product I reach for most and wonder how I lived without.

Overzealous with my epilator, reach for the soothing gel. Redness from threading, reach for the soothing gel. It's defintely an essential but never more so than a couple of weeks ago when I was roasting a chicken and managed to pour chicken fat onto my arm. Despite wearing a sweatshirt, which was removed swifly far still managed to make it's way through to my arm.

After water was thrown over me I reached straight away for the soothing gel and continued to apply over the days that followed. This product was a lifesaver. Yes there is a mark from the burn but applying the soothing gel meant I didn't experience any blistering to the burn and weeks later the mark is fading nicely and I hope scarring will be kept to a minimum.

This is a product everyone should have at home.
NYX Butter Lipstick, Coral Red* link
I wear a lot of red lipsticks to work so when someone comments on one I'm wearing I know it must be good. Coral Red from the NYX Butter line is the perfect shade for Spring. I still like and wear my true reds when the occasion is right but this is one that I can wear by day, feel like myself but also like I'm embracing the new season. As for the lipstick itself, pigmentation and wear are spot on and it's become a regular in my make up rotation.
Roger & Gallet Hand Cream, Fleur de Figuer* link
I posted about the Roger & Gallet Hand Creams last week but Fleur de Figuer is the stand out favourite. The scent is delicious and the hand cream itself a good one. I only wish there were a larger size as I can see myself going through these small (but practical) tubes very quickly.

What have you been loving this month?

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  1. No wonder this Chanel colour is your favourite - what a gorgeous shade perfect for current time of the year! :) X


  2. Love this favorites! specially the Chanel nail colour.
    kisses from www.vanedresscode.com

  3. I've been wanting to try one of those Nyx lipsticks, they sound really good - the shade you have is so pretty as well!

    The Velvet Black // UK Style & Beauty Blog

  4. I love that Chanel nail varnish!!! X


  5. The soothing gel sounds like a must-have! xx

  6. Thanks for sharing your April favourites. I've seen that Chanel nail colour and I agree, it's the perfect shade for Spring. I usually collect different shades of nail colour and most of them are in the shades of pink.

  7. The nail strengthener sounds interesting - must look it up. I haven't done a favourites post for ages, but do one soon. x


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