Thursday, September 4, 2014

It's Not You It's Me

Nars Laguna Bronzer / Orgasm Blush Duo link
Laura Geller Eyeshadow link
No one likes to hear those five words 'It's not you, it's me' but unfortunately they are the most appropriate for the products I'm going to talk about today, and I'm sure in the case of the Nars' duo that will be surprising to some.

I picked up the Nars Blush and Bronze Duo from Sephora last year as both had been on my list to try due to numerous posts from fellow bloggers of the holy grail status of Laguna Bronzer and Orgasm Blusher. This nifty duo was the perfect way to give them a try. It shouldn't be too much of a surprise that I wasn't a fan of the Orgasm Blush as I didn't have much love for the drugstore dupe, Sleek Rose Gold either. I'm not a fan of blushes that are too shimmery as they quite frankly do little for my older skin or appearance of my pores. Nars Orgasm was slightly better than it's drugstore equivalent and it didn't look dreadful on me but it was just never something I would reach for out of choice. 

Likewise with Nars Laguna I just didn't find it the amazing product that is so highly spoke of. Yes it was ok but it wasn't something I'd choose over my other offerings. Combine the two products being of blah status to me it was often left languishing in the back of my make up drawers. This past week I've brought it to the forefront in an effort to use on a daily basis and there's just no enjoyment for me and as I mentioned in yesterday's empties post it's time to pair back the stash and use the products I do use (of which there are still too many).  Not to fear it has gone to a friend who is a fan of these two Nars products and that's good enough for me.

I revisited my Laura Geller make up collection in this post and two particular old favourites were Pink Icing and Devils Food eyeshadows. Pink Icing was used in it's entirety from the duo and I'd subsequently repurchased a full size but as the make up collection grew they were forgotten. I tend to lean more towards palettes these days rather than singular eyeshadows, especially as I put my make up on during my train journey to work. For this reason I'm less likely to gather together multiple eyeshadows for the look I want and instead reach for the palette that has everything I need in one place so it's time for these to go on to a new home.

Are there any products you have in your collection that you feel like this about?

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  1. I say that to most of the blushers I buy. I keep trying, but so far have never found one that looks nice. And it is me. It's totally me. For a start my skin is rubbish, so blusher only highlights that fact. The second thing is that by the middle of the day I am flushed looking anyway, so look like a clown with anything extra daubed on!

    So the truth is that I shouldn't waste my money on blusher, but I can't resist. One day I'll find one that doesn't emphasise my spots, gives me a girlish glow, and totally covers the fact that my face is beetroot red by midday!


    1. I love blusher it's my favourite product after liptstick I think! Have you thought about trying the Hourglass blushes? x

  2. I've just sold a Clarins blusher on eBay that I really didn't get on with, and that I'd seen other people rave about. And another one for me is Clinique Chubby Sticks for lips. I just don't 'get' what's so great about them. I mean, yeah, they're OK, but nothing special. Oh well, it would be a boring old world if we all liked the same things, I guess! x

    1. Totally agree that some people rave about things I just dont get but then I'm sure it works the other way that I love some things people hate! That's why I always think beauty reviews have to be subjective because not everything will please everyone x

  3. I, too, am not a fan of Nars Orgasm - it just doesn't work with my skin and coloring. And I had the same reaction - surprise - because everyone has always raved about it being such a Holy Grail product. Great review!!!

    Meghan xo


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