Monday, March 31, 2014

Renunail Sensitive Nail Strengthener in Nude Review

De LeWinn's Renunail Nail Strengthener was a product I'd heard a lot about during my early beauty blogging days and was on my list as something to invest in when I had my acrylic nails removed. Despite this as it's not readily found on the high street it was not something exciting enough to warrant placing an order for.

During a trip to TK Maxx I was browsing the beauty aisles and spotted this beauty for about £5.99 - half the price to buy online. Naturally I snapped it up, slightly concerned that maybe the nude version might not be 'the same' or as good as the original version but for the price it was worth the risk.

The good news is that whilst I can't compare I can state that since using this my nails are certainly getting stronger and I nabbed myself a bargain.

I try and paint my nails at least once a week as I'm usually trying out new nail colours for the blog but sometimes I just can't dedicate drying time despite using Seche Vite and then I end up going into work Monday was unpainted nails that look unpleasant and prone to breakage. 

Now when I'm short for time but want my nails to look simple, clean and healthy I pop Renunail on and the nude colour has just a hint of colour that keeps them looking pristine - and even better is working at strengthening them.

I do find that if I'm lax with removing and reapplying then my nails will become weaker which I only have myself to blame but overall this is a product I'm reaching for on a weekly basis.

What bargains have you found in the TK Maxx beauty aisles?

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  1. I love nudes! I am glad you liked it... Grace xoox

    1. I much prefer a colour (esp red of course!) but I'm quite lazy doing my nails so at least this strengthens them and gives a little colour

  2. I will check this out!!! Thanks for coming by today honey! Have a great week! Kori xoxo

  3. This looks great. My nails always break :( As you know I don't do beauty stuff but I think this might be worth a try. I like the idea of nude, I use clear just to make my nails look healthy & to prevent them from breaking (although it doesn't work!) Could you recommend another? x

    1. Clear nail varnish won't help as it's not designed to strengthen... there's lots of clear versions, even of this Renunail if that's what you prefer. Sally Hansen has one in a purple bottle that's worth a try and you can pick up in Boots x

  4. I have tried it yet, but ready to find the one. Hope it will work best in making my nails stronger and longer without nail paints also.
    Sarah |


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