Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Soap & Glory Hand Food.... and a couple of extras!

Missing a hand cream on my desk I nipped out to Boots across the road (yes it's very dangerous!) to have a look at their offerings. I didn't have anything particular in mind so I decided to go for a travel size and take advantage of the 3 for 2 offer in store. Hand Food was the choice of necessity and I paired with Hand Maid as I thought a sensible choice on my desk and I can never resist the smell of grapefruit.

The third choice was more difficult as there wasn't much obvious choice and whilst I know that Soap & Glory's Breakfast Scrub is the blogger favourite I went for Scrub Em and Leave Em Body Buff which was available in travel size.

I'm very picky about my hand creams and Hand Food did not let me down. What makes a good hand cream to me? Can I pick up pen or mug after applying and indeed I can. Hands moisturised but I don't feel I have to wipe them clean after. Hand Maid was also a success and the smell is lovely, I wish there was a complimenting hand cream as I find I don't want to lose the grapefruit smell by applying the hand cream after.

I love using the body buff, it feels just like dipping my fingers into (gritty!) marshmallows. The smell is perfect and my skin feels so smooth after I'm definitely in the market for the breakfast scrub now. Please share your favourite Soap & Flory skincare products as I have a Boots voucher to use.

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  1. Love love LOVE Heel Genius foot cream - I repurchase again and again! x

  2. Always keep the hand cream and gel in my bag, love the face wash/scrub and hair treatment too xx

  3. I love Hand Food too! Sephora carries the line I wish we had a Boots Store...quite dangerous I am sure. lol Grace xoox

  4. I've never tried their products, maybe I should - I have panic attacks if I'm without handcream and have one in each handbag and all around the house and one at work!

  5. I do like Soap and Glory, I've used their body butter and it's lovely. Meaning to stock up next time there's a 3 for 2, and I always try and grab some bits in the January Boots megasale! x


  6. I brought a Soap & Glory hamper years ago but as you know I'm not very girly so didn't know what half the stuff was!!! I like the sound of the hand cream & gel, as I'm getting older my hands are getting dryer :( xx

  7. hmmm...may have to invest in some 'scrub em n leave em' - I've not tried that one as I LOVE breakfast scrub, I actually could eat it it smells so bloomin fab!
    BH x


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