Friday, July 26, 2013

House of Rush // Elemis Facial & Essie Manicure

House of Rush Piccadilly

Elemis Facial

Essie First Timer
(please ignore the dreadful ridges in my nails from my acrylics and let them be a warning to you at the damage they do to your nails!)

Last week I was invited along to the House of Rush flagship store in London's Piccadilly to enjoy an Elemis facial and Essie Manicure and rightly described as a sanctuary of urban indulgence the experience was fabulous from beginning to end.  

I had visited the Piccadilly branch a few months ago when they hosted an event for Beauty Bloggers and PRs but was far too busy networking chatting away and sipping champagne with fellow bloggers Alice and Carissa to sample any treatments on offer so I was glad to be welcomed back. 

On arrival I swept up the stairs to the salon and was led into the beauty suite where the therapist talked me through what I would like from my facial. Following the advice I received from Caroline Hirons at my consultation with her (which you can read about here) I advised I needed a facial concentrating on extraction. 

My treatment began with warm mitts massaged on my feet which instantly put me into a relaxed state and the worries of work disappeared. I was quite apprehensive about having a facial as my last experience wasn't an enjoyable one so I was interested to see how the Elemis one would compare. My last experience felt like someone was simply pawing at my face and I left feeling like my skin was clogged with products and I wanted to give it a good wash - this time it was completely different. 

The therapist applied multiple products yet I didn't feel oily or greasy and they were expertly massaged into my skin. The treatment even went so far to massage my shoulders and head whilst the masks were applied - which was of course Elemis Papaya Enzyme Peel.

It's safe to say that I'm a convert to facials if they're all carried out as expertly as the Rush therapists and using Elemis products. My skin looked amazing and leaving the store make up free wasn't an issue for me as I felt like I was glowing - and that's glowing in a good way not an oily greasy way!

The fun wasn't over as I still had my Essie manicure to follow. I took my seat in the store which was great as I was able to nose at the skilled hairdressers at work. I was most impressed that each hairdressers station has a tote bag hanging from the table so that customers can put their handbags inside safely rather than carrying them back and forth to the wash basins or having them in the way of the stylist whilst they're working their magic, a nice touch I thought, but back to the manicure.

Slightly overwhelmed by the colour choices from Essie available, particularly as this was my first time using an Essie polish I finally decided on the appropriately named First Timer. Well that's not strictly true, I picked Shake Your Money Maker first but it came our quite light and watery so that's where First Timer came in. Testing the colour on your nail for you first was another touch I loved by House of Rush. I have often gone for manicures and had all my nails painted and sat watching them as they were drying absolutely hating the colour but to rushed for time to ask for it all to be changed.

After finishing my glass of ice water (complete with slice of lemon!) and nails touch dry there were no more excuses and it was time to leave the relaxing House of Rush for the busy and very hot streets of London.

The whole experience was fabulous and I will 100% return to House of Rush for more beauty treatments and next on my list is a visit with one of their hair stylists. I'm considering some slight changes to my the old hair do and I have the faith that they can definitely offer me something special.

And for fellow Apprentice fans if you were interested in the services Dr Leah impressed Lord Sugar with, well House of Rush are already there offering Rush Aesthetics Anti-Wrinkle Injections or Fillers and right now the £30 consultation fee is being offered complimentary so now's your chance to investigate - find out more here.

I'd love to hear about your experience of facials and beauty treatments - especially if you've tried the more permanent options! And let me know if you've had your hair styled by House of Rush and who your recommended stylist is.

**I was gifted the facial and manicure for the purposes of this post

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