Thursday, June 27, 2013

Chanel Le Vernis 307 Orange Fizz

My first attempt at a nail paint for I don't know how many years was an old favourite Orange Fizz from Chanel. I can't deny it was quite a challenge to paint my own nails and the finish is certainly different than the skilled hands of a Nails Inc technician or an acrylic base but the colour certainly pleased me. As we all know, it's 'all about orange" for me these days and I hope it wasn't orange overkill to team with my Neon Orange lipstick and Honey Jasmine blush.

Digging this colour from my stash certainly appeased the fact I wasn't swayed into making a purchase from the new Mac range of nail paints and I certainly think this will be a colour that makes a few reappearances this Summer.

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  1. great colour, I'm really not a fan of the Chanel formula though- quite chippy!

    B xx

  2. That is a fabulous suits you!
    My 70 year old neighbor lady has 2 dates this week......I can't wait to hear how they go.....Heidi


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