Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The Magic of Disney - Part 3

As strange as it sounds one of the great bonuses of visiting the US is getting to see movies that are not due for release in the UK for some time - on this trip it was the Disney cartoon, Wreck it Ralph 

and even better was that Brody and Violet had the opportunity to meet its "stars" even if they had to wait patiently for them

There were big hugs for Ralph 

and twizzler hairband wearing Venelope

Doesn't she have the coolest car ever!

The film is fantastic and great fun so do get yourself to the cinema in February when it's released in the UK

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  1. I just caught up with your Blog! I adore all your pictures so fun! I love the Magic of Disney! Grace xoox
    I hope you are having a wonderful Holiday Season!

  2. Lovely!
    I suddenly thought, did you post your bag collection? Have I missed them?!

  3. Will be looking out for this one coming out over here! Meeting characters is by far one of the best parts of a trip to Disney- simply unforgettable xxx


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