Tuesday, June 5, 2012

De-Cluttering My Bedroom

Having finished de-cluttering my front room it was time to move on to my bedroom

My lifestyle has changed a lot since moving into my flat, nights out follow a day at work and if there is a big occasion I'll treat myself to something new to wear with weekends focussed around staple items so this meant there was a large amount of clothing I could dispose of

I also had a habit of hanging everything and really there was no reason for my vintage fur coats to be on hand 365 days of the year so it was time to make use of the draws in my bed

My clear out was so successful I reduced 2 wardrobes to 1!

I then decided to shuffle my furniture around to make it more practical for getting ready in the mornings so my chest of draws and dressing table were swapped round - whilst my dressing table was lovely as a focal point it was for show only and never used for it's purpose

The unwanted second wardrobe was promptly listed on eBay and the space it has created along with the change of furniture is most welcome

I have some ideas to redecorate my bedroom but for now I wanted to concentrate on ensuring that what is in the room is organised correctly

I spent this weekend sorting through photos - a very therapeutic task I highly recommend - which has freed up another draw in my bed and the others still need a second stage of sorting through so I think the weekend ahead will be spent doing that but for now it's time to say goodbye to the Jubilee weekend and get myself ready for work tomorrow!

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  1. I so need to do that! Since working in LA I have loads of new clothes for uniform so my wardrobe is busting! I will get around to it one day!! xx

  2. there must be something in the air. I did exactly this a few weeks ago, filling two charity bags and two bags of rubbish! I am terrible for letting my wardrobe turn into a total mess, but since the last big sort, it's STILL tidy. Very unusual for me. I think it helps that I put a big mirror at the back, it just makes it feel a bit like a room than a cupboard.

    Starting next week, I am on a mission to reorganise the entire house, and the garage. It's a mammoth task, but I'm giving myself a couple of months to do it, doing it in small chunks, and just being sensible getting rid of as much junk as poss. Overall, the house isn't too bad, but it needs a good declutter and clean. It's been so hectic this week that I feel as if I'm living in a tip!

    I've got my Martha Stewart homekeeping handbook as bedtime reading, and have been printing off lists and advice from this site.


    But the best inspiration comes from real homes. Seeing what other people do. Like you! So keep up the inspiration please. Your bedroom looks totally fantastic. And I love your big mirror.


  3. I'm with Sadie - that huge black mirror is simply to die for! If Sadie's having a clear-out too maybe I should get my act together. My house is still in a muddle since having building work done at the start of the year. You lovely ladies have inspired me! XX

  4. Very envious of those chanel boxes and that mirror is to die for xx

  5. I agree with the others, that mirror is divine! Love your mirrored dressing table too!
    Victoria xx

  6. Your room is looking lovely, Victoria. I dream of a sliding doors wardrobe so I could get rido of chest of drawers and actually get more space in my bedroom. xx

  7. Whilst you are getting rid of a wardrobe we are buying another! In fairness its because we had some of our things in our daughter's wardrobe and now we are sorting out her room and she is getting a smaller wardrobe we need to have the clothes back!
    I love having a good tidy, the trouble is keeping it that way. I do like the colour of your wall.
    Lisa x

  8. It is very therapeutic having a clear out isn't it? I try to have a wardrobe sort out a couple of times a year, usually Spring and Autumn as it can easily get out of hand.

  9. Well done on such a big clearout, Victoria! More for the eBay pile, no doubt! xx

  10. I try to declutter and not successful!! Maybe if I stop prchasing things as I get rid of others? lol Have a wonderful weekend Grace xoox

  11. I'm in love with your mirror, its huge.....

  12. I have always found moving furniture around to be therapeutic! I'm often guilty of making displays...rather than thinking of the practical side to things, hence why I tend to move things around a lot. Your bedroom looks very lovely xxx

  13. Love that mirrored table! Everything is looking great :) I just pulled apart my entire office and I'm sitting here in a sea of paper posting comments instead of putting it back together ;)


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