Friday, January 20, 2012

Blank Canvas

This is how my front room is looking right now and I'm loving it!
The decorating has been hard work but the de-cluttering has been very therapeutic

It's been 2 years since I moved into my flat and my impatience and enthusiasm meant I might not have always done what I really wanted or now own things that are surplus to requirements. This time I've vowed to do things differently, allowing myself time to get things done right (and spread the cost!!) and being realistic about what works with my lifestyle and what I really want

Usually I love clutter around me but it's so nice to return home from work to a blank canvas and knowing that I'm earning some money from items around my home that I no longer want or need has been rewarding

Some things I've discovered along the way...

Just because I like something doesn't mean I need to buy it
Yes the Cath Kidston apron is gorgeous but I've yet to be found wearing one!

One room, draw etc at a time
To avoid boredom or manic eBay overload I've been clearing a section of my front room, photographing & listing the items on eBay and then moving on to the next drawer or cupboard

Be Honest & Realistic
I have sold some things I love but if I haven't used them the past 2 years it was time to get rid. It was a shame to see some lovely craft items go, jewellery or DVDs that I like but if I was never going to use/watch them they were just taking up unnecessary space. I am now left with empty draws which is a wonderful feeling mentally

Make Money
eBay, Amazon and Music Magpie are fantastic sites to earn back some of the money for these unwanted items - eBay especially makes you realise "one man's trash is another man's treasure". It would be vulgar to tell you how much I have earned from eBay this past couple of weeks but let me tell you it was worth the effort and post office trips!

If you haven't already started your January de-clutter I hope this encourages you!

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  1. I used to sell loads of things on Ebay but I just can't be bothered with the hassle of photographing everything, listing it, wrapping it, labelling it, posting it. I usually take most things to the charity shop now. It sounds like you've made some money towards your next purchases, well done.

  2. It's always worth eBaying unwanted bits and pieces, and the money you make can go towards new purchases. I always see it that way, and I too have sold things I still love, but just know I will never use! xxx

  3. I did this back in August but I'm starting to fill up in some rooms! Maybe I should start over.....

  4. Our tastes change/refine over time and it is natural to want to change things a bit every now and then. Can't believe it has been 2 years already.

  5. I get hubby to do ebay. Just spent over 2 hours sorting the cupboard over the stairs out, long time due, feels good though.

  6. i'm sooo encouraged already! and i'm loving your blank canvas room! everytime i see something like that, it motivates me! and yes i think it's time also for me to start decluttering my home, coz truly, i have more junks than things that i use. Thanks for the tips, hun!

    x susan

  7. I really need to list some things on Ebay, I moved house quite quickly and have loads of things I don't want / don't suit the new house. Hopefully your post will give me the kick up the bum I need to get it sorted!

  8. I have sooo much clutter but can never part with it :( My loft is full!! How lovely to have a blank canvas xx

  9. Just caught up with your blog after your comment! I'm sooo behind at the moment, meeting myself coming back. Well done on all your ebay selling, I've not done much of it as I got so fed up of silly buyers just before Xmas. You may have inspired me to try again! Your room is looking great, I'm just in the process of doing my spare room and really should sell to get enough pennies together to furnish it properly. Can't wait to see the finished pics! Hope you're well lovely lady xx

  10. well done Victoria! Its nice to hear you are making something from your items you have to part with. Ihave a lot of items from my childhood that I want to part with to make space, yet I am having trouble saying goodbye! lol This maybe a silly question but how did you get your items visible? I once put some items on but they didnt get viewed much. Have a greta time decorating and re modeling your room ;) xx

  11. Well done for doing all the necessary to get your unused things on ebay and make some money from them. Like you say if they aren't being used them it really isn't worth keeping hold of them. The one drawer at a time is a really good point.
    Lisa x


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