Monday, November 28, 2011

Christmas Dining and Preparations

Yesterday was my first Christmas lunch of the festive season! (yes I know it's not yet December but seeing Father Christmas on Saturday kick started the festivities!)

Some friends and I arranged to visit a local Essex restaurant, Clocktower which was great fun getting together over a few bottles of pinor noir! We ordered from their new Christmas menu and the food was perfect!

I also changed my sofa covers to festive red (hmmmm is there an over use of the word "festive" in this post!) finally adding my Cinnamon cushions I purchased last year (and still available from H&M here)

This week is set to start with my first Christmas party of the season tonight and a friend joins me for dinner Wednesday and then Friday is spent in town at our Christmas market! 

It's all go now!!

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  1. Love the festive sofa covers! I had my first mince pie of the year yesterday, and it was YUMMY! x

  2. Love your festive sofa and those cushions. Enjoy your party x

  3. i love the cinnamon cushion covers!! i really like H&m christmas range - i bought some of their bits last year xx

  4. Yay for Christmas. Love the sofa covers, very pretty, I can see now why you love them so much :) x x x x

  5. Love the red slipcovers! Sounds like you had a rather festive weekend! Good for you!

  6. well you are making me feel festive! Your sofa looks perfect.

    Glad you are having such a nice start to the festive season.

    hmm. it's actually quite hard to talk about Christmas and not use the word 'festive' a lot!


  7. What a way to kick off the season Momma...I'm having a girls dress up You know it Mad men cocktail party.....So excited and I found a vintage dress and shoes that fit.
    Why were they so darn little back then!
    wish you were closer....

  8. Thats a great start to the festivities.

  9. Love those cushions! I am also getting in the 'Festive' mood early this year! Why not its over so quickly x

  10. LOVE the cushion covers! And the sofa is just gorgeous!
    Let the festive season begin xxx

  11. I'm listening to christmas songs as I write...and there are snowflake stickers on the windows...bring it on!!! xxx

  12. I love those cushion covers. May have to browse the website now!
    Lisa x

  13. The sofa looks lovely - I must admit I fancy a few Christmas outings!

    Pomona x

  14. Thank you for introducing me to H&M home range..we can't get it here!
    Let's the festive season begins then!


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