Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Bare Minerals

I haven't worn foundation before but recently acknowledged that a little primer wasn't enough and took myself to the big yellow store to see what they could offer me. Scared of liquid foundations Bare Minerals had the answer!

The lovely assistant applied all the products and I was certainly pleased with the results and invested in the "Get Started Kit" And the additional bonus for me is that it is "pure enough" to sleep in - perfect for those evenings when I come home and cleanse, tone and moisturise is the last thing on my mind!!

Give it a try or add it to your Christmas lists!

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  1. I like to use a mineral foundation too for a little bit of quick cover. I like lily lolo, recommended by a lovely lady over at love Audrey blog. We both have combination skin and this doesn't irritate and lasts for ages.

  2. I certainly will go and check it out, I sometimes too drunk or lazy after a night out to clean my face before going to bed so this is definitely the answer! :)

    xx susan

  3. Victoria, I have heard wonderful things about Bare Minerals. Hope it works for you!!

  4. I love this concept tell us if you like it and can tell a difference?

  5. Ferfect for train make up! I have so much to use up but I'm getting there and will have this on my list when i need to replace my current slap!

  6. Spotted in my local Sephora, but not so skilled to buy it...I used liquid foundations for years until I've discovered compact foundations.. Personally I'm scared of powders especially when I wear coats :)


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