Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Book Review | The Single Girls To Do List by Lindsey Kelk

I've read books here and there the past couple of months but right now I'm at a loss to remember one of them which can't be said for this weeks read, The Single Girls To Do List. Lindsey Kelk is the author of the I Heart series of books (look out for I Heart Las Vegas coming in December!) the first I was particularly a fan of

I actually picked up this book and started reading Sunday evening which is quite unusual for me and almost led to a sleepless night as I wanted to keep turning the pages! I'm also one of "those" people who are LOL'ing on the train - I recommend you all add this book to your reading pile!

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  1. I keep picking that book up and then putting it back down again worried Rich may get the wrong idea lol but might have to give it a try now.
    Like you have not been a fan of SJPs films but interested to know what this one's like!

    B xxx

  2. I'm in need of a good new read - that sounds perfect! Nothing beats a good page turner, a bar of chocolate and a quiet living room in which to enjoy!

    BH x

    (Hope your ceiling disaster is all sorted out!)

  3. I really fancy this film. My thirteen year old saw it with some friends for one of their birthdays at the weekend, a bit of a strange choice for that age, but they'd got the times wrong for the other films so it was either this or nothing. They said they didn't 'get' some of it. I suppose you have to be of a certain age for this one. Hope you have a good time.

  4. Im off to see that film too in a couple of weeks for a girly night out, let us know what you thought of it. Scarlett x

  5. Did you like it? I feel the same way about her and the last Sex and the City movie I found painful to even watch!
    Did you get your kitchen fixed?

  6. It's always good to find something new to read - it's the real test of a good book when you don't fall asleep over it in bed!

    Pomona x

  7. ditto! i'm already used to SPJ as carrie bradshaw, i once watched her other movie with hugh grant (i think it was "did you hear about the morgans"), though i think she was okay but it's just that she's being carrie suits her the best! the book looks very promising! x susan

  8. Those sound like fun reads. Thanks for your sweet comment about my kitchen!!

    Sandy xox

  9. Hi! I went to see this film last night with my friend on orange Wednesday deal. It is what I call an easy watch film. A bit slow and mostly predictable but by midway I was quite liking it. This is definitely a DVD movie. Glad o didn't pay full whackmto see it!
    Lolodesigns xxx


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