Sunday, September 4, 2011

All About the Children!

I'm pleased to report there was another hangover free weekend for me which was just as well due to spending a lot of time with the kiddies!

Saturday my friend Ben hosted a lunch with Kelly & James, Rose & Chris and myself and we let Rianna & Sophie come along too! I also took my nephew Brody and cousin William but they were too busy running backwards and forwards to the table with the Haribo for photo taking!

We got to see Rose's growing bump!

My mum was babysitting Brody and Violet over the weekend so in exchange for lunch today I visited and lent a hand.

Violet is growing fast

and very resilient to her brother's at times boisterous cuddles

She happily laughs at him

And enjoys a cute little kiss

All that kiddie time was exhausting so I returned home for a lovely snooze on the sofa before I begin the back to work preparations!

Thank you also for all your commiserations on my kitchen ceiling! It will be repaired via the upstairs flats insurance which is a good thing although communicating with my upstairs neighbour is appearing something of a nightmare!

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  1. Wow sounds like a busy but lovely weekend! Just seen the post about your ceiling, I hope the insurance comes through quickly. XxX

  2. Awww they are all cuties! I also am finding myself getting bump envy at any pregnant woman i see - not good ;o)

    Glad upstairs insurance is sorting your ceiling :o) Scarlett x

  3. I've enjoyed looking at your niece and nephew's photos on FB! They both look alike their dad! Yay for the Eales! ;)

  4. That looks like a fun-packed weekend!!

    Second Scarlett - pleased your neighbour's insurance will cover the damage!

    Jem xXx

  5. That doesn't sound like a relaxing weekend! I'm always worn out after spending time with children.... not used to it!!! I'll stick to cats :) xx

  6. they're all sooo cuteee and adorable!! the smiles, the cuddles...aahh i wish i'm having a baby bump right now!! glad that the ceiling will be repaired soon and yay for free-hangover weekend!x susan

  7. My goodness, Violet is growing up so quickly, they don't stay babies long enough.

  8. Oh that Violet is super cute :)
    Glad your neighbours insurance will pay for he repairs to the ceiling xx


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