Sunday, February 6, 2011

Weekend Roundup!

Is everyone having a fabulous weekend?

Once again I've continued being productive at home rewarding myself with a gorgeous roast chicken dinner last night

This morning is was back round my parents to see my niece and nephew

Violet is now 8lb 3oz so I'm not so scared to break her anymore!

When I arrived home I decided to give my bathroom a good clean and finally put up some pictures that have been waiting around for some time

Here's a tour round the rest of my bathroom

Kelly brought me this picture from the famous Rose Bowl Flea Market in LA and it fits perfectly with my bathroom, the following 2 pictures were all brought in LA and are waiting to be framed

I inherited this floral arrangement from my SIL when they moved from a cottage to a modern flat - it perfectly makes the toilet look more attractive!

Another picture picked up at a boot sale and just a couple of bottles from my extensive toiletry collection!

A thrifted mug makes a great toothbrush holder, a murano glass mirror brought on one of my holidays with Kelly, as was the pink pineapple which contains a gorgeous smelling candle I've yet to light!

The Lladro mermaid was brought on my last holiday with my nan and she was the one to tell me to buy it so it's very special

and the last photo from my tour is my cute lil bear who sits on top of my Lloyd Loom laundry basket

Now I must go as I have brownies to bake and sausage rolls to prepare for a birthday at work tomorrow then it's an evening watching Dancing on Ice followed by a relaxing bath!

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  1. What a lovely bathroom, you have some really pretty things! Hope you are enjoying your weekend x

  2. I'm so nosy I love seeing what others have in their homes! Love the postcards of the sunbathing beauty, fab for a bathroom.
    Lisa x

  3. Your bathroom looks just the place for a nice relaxing bath. I love the pictures on the walls and the bear who sits on top of your laundry basket.

  4. loved getting a peek at your treasures and you beloved family members :o)

    your roast looks scrummy, lady.

    ooh, DOI, I really thought Karen was going to slap Jason tonight. I wanted to. That man is a total pleb head.

    totally impressed with the lloyd loom. I love it. lucky fiend!

  5. So much lovey stuff to look at on this post! Starting from your yummy and perfect-looking roast chicken, of course! ;-)
    Pretty shadow of pink in your bathroom!


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