Thursday, February 10, 2011

Molton Brown Nearly Nude Lipstick

Don't fear you haven't stumbled across a blog of a seedy nature, Nearly Nude refers to my favourite lipstick by Molton Brown. I discovered this lipstick sometime ago and was devastated when they discontinued it but there was joy last year when it was relaunched although I was warned by the sales assistant when making my last purchase that it may be on it's way out again so it looks like I might need to start stocking up!

Updated: Please note this lipstick has since been discountinued 

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  1. I hate it when they discontinue a line you love. I very rarely wear lipstick, only when I really need to.

  2. Sounds good - I remember when that happened to me with a red lipstick from Collection 2000...

  3. That is so annoying when they discontinue a line you love. Better stock up just in case. My favourite lipstick shade is one I have been wearing since I was 14!

  4. Don't you just hate it when they do that?
    I likey the colour so make sure you stock up Missy!

    B xxx

  5. Estee Lauder does that too! You just fall in love with a color and next thing you know it's gone! Marketing I guess, but it is downright annoying to me!

  6. when i saw this post...i was thinkn of in the late favorite lipstick was CREAMY clinique.

    I used to work in a dept store and sell clinique cosmetics....I wore that color almost EVERY day! I think i may have to look for it..ha ha

  7. I hate when they drop the good stuff!!!

  8. You naughty girl wearing a nearly nude lipstick, LOL!
    I think I've seen MB cosmetics in Sephora, not sure, I'm not a great cosmetics fan, except for Benefit foundation faker :)
    Have a great weekend!


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