Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Looking a lot like Christmas

My time at home has been well spent making my flat feel cosy and Christmassy!

Red covers have been put on my sofas

Mickey, Minnie & Alice invited some friends over

Sunday Kelly & James joined my brother and his family to help me decorate my Christmas tree

The fairy on top of the tree is my old Flower Fairy doll. My mum brought it for me when I was younger as she thought it looked like me and then brought the Christmas outfit for it and she would sit on the tree at my parents (until my mum's tree decorating became too superior to an old Flower Fairy!) and now she is passed to my tree - I love her grubby little face!!!

And here is our handy work! 
(please excuse the bin bag!!)

Brody seems to have found it tiring work!

How is your decorating going?

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  1. I'm loving that Disney has come to Victorias for Christmas!... tree looks fabulous... how lovely is to decorate your first home for christmas!
    hugs Tx

  2. Your tree looks spectacular.
    Lisa x

  3. Only one word for defining your tree..majestic!!!
    Is that your new bedroom?! So posh!!!

  4. As you know, no tree for us as et so I have a little tree envy going on her, OK a lot of tree envy ;o)
    I want a Hello Kitty decoration :o(
    It does look fab hun!

    B xxx

  5. I love the red soda....cosy!
    I've done nothing at all, can't seem to get in the mood.....:>(
    But I'm enjoying other peeps blogs and

  6. All looks great :)

    Love the gingerbread man - I need one of those!!

  7. Looking very pretty and festive x

  8. Your flat is looking very festive, what a gorgeous tree, and I love the sofa covers they're very Christmassy. What a cutey your nephew is.

  9. Now thats a very fine looking tree! Your sofa looks very comfy, I wouldn't mind snuggling up to the bunch sitting on there right now.

  10. The red covers look very warm and cosy but there's not much room left for you! Love your flower fairy I remember Rachel having those when she was little, Lucey xx

  11. Victoria how did the fish go?
    Your place looks so magical along with your little buddy!!

  12. wow now that's what you call a tree.... looks lovely :) x

  13. Your flat looks lovely very christmassy!

  14. Your flat is looking so festive. Are you excited about your first Christmas in a new place? Remember this time last year when neither of us had yet to move? What a year.

  15. Victoria, your flat looks great! Love your tree!

  16. Hello Sweet!
    Loving the holiday home! How precious is Mickie and Minnie! I seen some video of Disney the other day and was going silly at the huge gingerbread people parading down Main street and Minnie in her holiday red, too cute! I bet you had so much fun prettying up your place! It's all so you! And I have to agree I do see a resemblance with you and the angel topper! Love,Lori


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