Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Back to New York Again!

So how do you follow up your first day in New York when it started with seeing your idol in person? You move on to the home of another idol of course!

Here I am outside the beautiful brownstone in Greenwich Village TV home of Sex and the City's Carrie Bradshaw

I must admit I felt naughty approaching the “No Trespassers” sign and was waiting for someone to come and tell me off but it was worth it!

Greenwich Village is a lovely part of NY and literally round the corner was Magnolia Bakery

The stories of queue’s of people outside were unfounded (it seems they’ve all moved on to the Rockefeller location) and we were able to take photos and make our purchases in comfort

We jumped into a cab destination Serendipity 3 where we had a lunch reservation

I made the booking to avoid the long queue’s I’d heard about but as it happened it wasn’t necessary. I will admit the food wasn’t great in part due to my choice - sour dough bread will not be something I choose again! Mum had shepherds pie which was nice but did say she needed some gravy

As we browsed the shelves for trinkets to buy a kind gentleman told us if we brought the cookbooks he’d happily sign them for us… yes none other than one of the founding Princes (as the story goes!) of Serendipity, Stephen Bruce

The heavens had opened as we left there so it was a quick run to Dylan’s Candy Store

and if you're feeling homesick whilst in NY there are some British treats to enjoy

And then another quick run to Bloomingdales

After dropping our shopping off at the hotel 

and resting our weary feet for a short while it was then onto the Empire State Building

I first visited the ESB with Kelly on our first visit to NYC but mum has never been yet something she’s always wanted to do. Unfortunately visiting in December see’s crowds around the block but not this time – not a queue to be seen!

Our tickets included the Sky Ride (a simulator style trip around Manhattan), not really worth the extra money but still fun to do and something I’d not done before

We ended our day with a visit to the diner at the hotel we usually stay at

Review of the trip so far – April is definitely a better time to visit! Usually we’re weighed down with shopping, fighting with shoppers and loose most of our day in queues

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  1. Yes April is better but the week before the vocano erruption there were very long lines. Our schools have Spring Break. I work accross the street from Abercombie and Fitch and always a line the week after the volcano not 1 person on line it was wonderful! I have 1 hour lunch to run errand and difficult when too many people are around. So glad you had no lines and got to do more. Grace xoxoxo

  2. You seriously are one serious shopper Victoria ha ha!

    Thumbs up to your Mum! I thought it was only us Northerners who craved gravy?!

    All looks brill Victoria. Next year, you can blog about Claire and Victoria's trip to NYC! x

  3. It's so funny, I've lived in NY all my life and never visited half of the places you did! Hope you're enjoying this great weather we're having and try popping out to the Island if you have a chance - Long not Staten. ;)


  4. WOW! Thanks for that. I've never been to New York, but me and my hubby always say we're going to go when the boys are older. Your post today gave me a real insight to such an amazing city! Karen x

  5. Woohoo, you go girl! So happy you had a good trip. When I first flew in to New York (JFK I think or NWK) I could not believe I was there. This was in the 70's of course and things were diff. I bought my mum some sheets from Macys and had to literally chuck them out 15 yrs later. THOSE WERE THEY DAYS MY FRIEND...(flight attendant/airhostess)

  6. Oh V, Looks fab I can't wait to go in October. If you have any top tips please let me know, although your post is a tour guide in it's self.
    Luv Sophie xxx

  7. Oh, what a great trip you and your Mum had, Victoria! It's fun to read all about it! Suzie

  8. I loved visiting New York with you! What a lovely time you are having and I love all the shopping bags filled with goodies...hugs, Linda

  9. Certainly looks like you had a great time Victoria, Mum looks like shes enjoying herself too.

    Hugs RosieP x

  10. Thanks for reminding me how great New York is, my husband and I visited about 15 years ago, it would be great to go back and take our Son. Looks like you and your Mum, had a great time. Greenwich Village was one of my fav districts too, I am a big Bob Dylan fan....

  11. I have always wanted to visit the Big Apple, and your photos have confirmed my longing! Your parcel was posted last week 1st class - just wondering if it has reached you yet?xx

  12. wow, i'm so super jealous >_< did you know that SJP actually lives in the house behind the one Carrie Bradshaw lives in? They are back to back, joined at the gardens! :D could totally do with some of that candy right now too :) nomnomnomnom! xx

  13. Wow it sounds like you had such a wonderful time and I'm onlny the teensiest bit jealous (ok. A lot jealous!). Great tip about going in April, can't believe there were no queues at the Magnolia Bakery, that's the one thing you only ever hear about!

  14. My first thought when I saw the photo without reading was "That looks like carrie Bradshaw's house". I would really love to see that!!! Looks like you had a really great time!! You did everything i would love to do (if i'd known about it!) I definitely want to go now!!!

  15. Looks like an amazing trip! The bakery looks delightful, thank goodness there wasnt a line up.


  16. What a wonderful trip! I can't wait to go there one day myself! xxx

  17. oh wow what a fab day... all my favs in one!... glad that you finally got to serendipity's!.... we do the hot chocolate frozen mix & sundae glass at work if you awnt one to go with book!.... LOVE magnolia too!... i can't wait to go back!.... see you soon hugs Tx

  18. Just found you via Sandy. What a fun blog. You visited all my favorite places in NYC!

    I just adore the word, "whilst." We don't use it and it is so perfect!

    My daughter and I just started a blog a short time ago and would love to have you visit. She actually created it for me as a gift :-). Our address is...


    It really isn't all about our jewelry...that's just the name we had to settle for!


  19. Hi, sorry haven't been on for a while!! Wow thanks for the memory trip!! sounds like you had a fantastic time!!
    V jealous!! LOL! How exciting that you went to the martha show!!

  20. Hi, sorry haven't been on for a while!! Wow thanks for the memory trip!! sounds like you had a fantastic time!!
    V jealous!! LOL! How exciting that you went to the martha show!!

  21. Lovely pics! What did you buy? I'm dying to know what's in the bags! Lynda xxx

  22. omgoodness!!!! i would love to go to those fun NY places:) you look like you had a blast!!! and the sweets... yum!

  23. Wow what a fun time! Serendipity is one of my FAVS!! Happy Mother's Day to your Mommy!

    Sandy xox

  24. Oh! There you are outside THAT brownstone! How excited I am about the new film. Your adventure certainly looks exciting, and wasn't that film with John Cusack shot at that Serendipity restaurant. Hmm, I think it was called Serendipity!

  25. Oohhh goodness it all looks amazing! Thanks for sharing all these fab photos.


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