Monday, February 22, 2010

Nearly There

I've spent another busy weekend at the flat and on Saturday I had the invaluable help of Kelly and her boyfriend James who kindly hung pictures, mirrors and shelves on my walls and built my bedroom furniture for me

Yesterday I spent the day organising and finishing off some of the rooms, would you like a tour?

My utility cupboard

Here is a shelving unit James hung in my kitchen

I will be painting it later when I can decide on a colour

The kitchen is all organised and ready for the cupboards to be filled with food!

Someday I may be able to replace these for a KitchenAid and Magimix but for now these should be just fine!

I'm sure I'll do some re-arranging once I start cooking in it but I'm pleased with it for now

The bathroom was next

This is less than half of my bubble bath collection!

Yummy Jo Malone candle waiting to be lit

Luckily Rose had left behind 2 hooks which enable me to hang a mirror found at a boot sale and even better a lovely painting discovered for £1!

Molton Brown hand wash and lotion - a must!

My pet chihuahua - sadly this ones only a soap!

I was so pleased my Lloyd Loom linen basket fitted perfectly by the sink

Pineapple Candle brought home from LA, Venetian mirror which was a gift from Kelly's mum and treasured Nao mermaid brought on my last holiday with my nan

And then onto my front room

This was the one piece of furniture Kelly and I managed to get out of my bedroom Thursday before the mission was aborted! I love my Lloyd Loom chair providing somewhere to sit when I'm on the phone - I just need to hide all those leads better!

My "dining room" complete now a mirror has been hung (thanks to James!)

Again this mirror will be painted when I decided on a colour (as will the dining table also)

This is a beautiful vintage fire-guard which opens to be used as a table too

My Breakfast at Tiffanys poster adds something to the room. It used to hang in my bedroom and I wasn't sure if it would look right but I couldn't leave it behind

Today I have another day off work and will be finishing my bedroom which currently looks like this

If I can get all that done I may well be spending my first night in the flat this evening!!!

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  1. You have a home! So much done already, you have a good friend in Kelly there!

    Did I spy L'Occitane in the bathroom, I'm never without mine, it's lush isn't it.

    Love all the red appliances, particulary the Kitchenaid look alike. You'll have to let me know if it is any good, read the reviews on it and it seems really good and I wouldn't need a second mortgage to buy one!

    Have a good week. xx

  2. Victoria, everything looks absolutely wonderful! I bet you do stay there tonight!! Congrats!!

  3. I really love the painting you found at the boot sale..and the fire~screen table!

    It looks so homey...and really reflects your style :)

  4. Oh what fun you are having setting up your home.

  5. Oh Victoria, I'm coming to smell al those bath bubbles!!LOL Everything is so adorable! I want to sit and chat on your sofas and bake goodies at the counter and really use the pink microwave!!! I love it all! The shelves are fabulous! And indeed the Audry print goes perfect and is you! have a fun week Love,Lori

  6. It is lovely, pretty, feminine and totally unsuitable for me with 3 men in the house! although they would like the smellies (probably use them all up before I did in fact!). Enjoy your bathtimes!

  7. When do you open your show house to the public?
    It all looks like it's coming together really well!

  8. Victoria it's really looking great, I bet you can't wait to move in for good.

    Hugs RosieP x

  9. Its looking good - bet you can't wait to be finally properly in.

  10. It is looking like a real proper comfy girlie home already, you have done sooooo much!

  11. Whey hey, progress indeed and hooray for Kelly and James too. Your first night, so exciting! Loving that indulgent bubble bath collection too!
    Hen x

  12. Wow a real "home sweet home" you've created there Victoria, you must be sooo pleased with it. Please light the Jo Malone candle so that we can all smell it...mmmm.... Love Lucey xx

  13. I have the same AH poster currently hung in the dining room. As i've said before, great taste ;)
    Waiting for my microwave to pack up so I can get a pink one, Rich can't argue as he never uses it anyway 'hehe'

    Love and ((hugs))
    B xxx

  14. It's gorgeous! I absolutely love your pink microwave. And your red kitchen things. You've definitely been working hard! enjoy your first night in your new place :-)

  15. You've done so well, I can't believe it!!

    Loving the pink microwave by the way!

  16. Wow! Loved the tour around your new home, Victoria. SO much you guys have already done!
    Looks absolutely fab!

  17. It all looks fantastic - you must be so very pleased. I love you sharing this with us, thanks.xx

  18. Wow it looks so cosy and homely already. What great friends Kelly & James are. I love the pink microwave and all the rest of your kitchen bits too.

  19. I think your home is lovely! I have a red kettle too, love the polka dot pot too! I am looking forward to more! suzie. xxx

  20. OooooOOOoooOO exciting! Everything looks great, I espeically love the dining room mirror and chairs, and the couch cushion.


  21. Victoria darling the flat looks fabulous. I love the fire-guard and the Victoria bake signs.

    Love & Hugs

  22. You are doing well!!! Nearly done!!! You have some fabulous things!!! I have a food mixer like that - mine is a Kenwood.... it works the same as a Kitchenaid I am sure!!! I love it anyway!!!

  23. Love it! We have almost exactly the same microwaves (mine is pink. The only difference is a little clock on the right hand side), and the Hello Kitty cushion. Which is one of Gorgeous Girls most treasured possession!

    Your flat is looking lovely and cosy, you've done well (with Kelly & Co) in such a short space of time.

    Now, just do what I told you and rest a bit!


  24. Looks lovely! You've done a great job. Enjoy your new home.

  25. I love "spying" through your gorgeus bits!!!! Your new home is looking great, you've got a lovely taste! xxxx

  26. Your home is beautiful! Your fire guard makes me wish we had kept my husband's great aunt's, that was in the family, darn. You mentioned wanting a new mixer. Before you buy, consider a Bosch Universal mixer. It's air-cooled and doesn't bog down at all when making heavy doughs. I've used both, and am very impressed with the Bosch, well worth the money, it literally earns me a lot of money during baking season! Just an idea.

  27. It is looking fabulous! I love what your doing with it.
    Love the pink microwave! xxx

  28. Everthing looks so have a darling place and it looks so pretty and cozy....I hope you spent your first night in your new spot...hugs, Linda

  29. It's looking great V! I love to see all the bits you have done in between my visits!

  30. Looks like you are getting your home sorted! Everything looks lovely .... so nice to have all your bits and pieces around you!


  31. it looks fab Victoria....hopefully i'll come and visit one day xxx

  32. Oh Victoria!

    How lovely, I am so jealous that you can have such a tidy home, without LEGO everywhere!

    Can we all come to the house warming? I love it!

    C. X

  33. Happy New Home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Warm Wishes,
    Cally x

  34. Looking good, did you spend your first night there? Bet you can't wait to move in..... you've worked so hard I think a rest is needed :) x

  35. Wow it's all coming together and becoming yours.
    Lisa x

  36. It looks fabulous Victoria, you have been working so hard.x


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