Wednesday, October 21, 2009

New Do!

My advice for WLW today is…..

Treat yourself to a trip to the hairdresser

How many of us have said “when I loose weight I’m going to have a new haircut”?

Why not do it now?

You deserve a good haircut/colour today, not just in the future because you’ve lost a few pounds

I hope like me you have a fantastic hairdresser but if not speak to friends and family for recommendations and make an appointment

While you’re at it and if funds allow treat yourself to an eyebrow shape and manicure

It’s a well known fact that eyebrow shaping gives you an instant facelift and for me I never feel happier than when my nails are neat and tidy

So go on, book a few hours away from the children, partners and dare I say laptops and pamper yourselves!

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  1. Oh I really need a new hairdo & a manicure...& a pedicure...x

  2. Your post made me smile! I have a hair appt booked for tomorrow and I can't wait! There is nothing like that feeling of looking neat and tidy again instead of a messy birds nest! I don't go as often as I should so I always get the works...the conditioning treatment with the head massage and the back massager on whilst they wash! No kids and relaxation for a couple of hours! Heaven! xxx

  3. ..fantastic hairdresser are so rare! ;-)

  4. hear hear. And if I had the time I'd do it! I've promised myself that when my gorogeous girl is in school, I am going to go the hairdressers once a month instead of twice a year (if that). I know. Shocking - but true.

    In the meantime, I am making every effort to manicure my nails every week or two, and I do my weekly shop in high heels and change my handbag to suit my mood. Little things make a big difference to how you feel.

    Thanks for your post, and reminding us all that it's ok to do something nice for ourselves


  5. Hi Victoria
    thanks on behalf of my son who's a hairdresser he agrees whole heartedly with your post today.
    Trouble is when he does my hair I have to wash my own hair so no head massage for me, oh well can't have everything I suppose.
    Have a great day

  6. I do my own hair as I've had bad experiences with hairdressers and now refuse to pay their prices for a bad cut.
    Pamperwise I'd love a facial or a back massage. sigh.

  7. Ooooh how I would love to go to the salon! I may actually book in for my nails or something soon, a little treat :D

  8. I guess that's where I'm kinda lucky. My hubby is a fully qualified hair dresser and a good one too. Although I must say I don't take advantage as much as I could do.

  9. I so want to have my eyebrows shaped! but I am a wee bit scared too! I saw someone having their eyebrows threaded or something with bits of cotton, blew me away, but I also ran away in case I was next!

    Sarah x

  10. Ooh, sounds good to me! My treat is having my hair coloured every eight weeks - It's a full 2 hours of magazines and cups of tea and no responsibilities. Bliss!

  11. I agree, Victoria! I'm due for both a pedicure and a cut/highlight! I have all your Weight Watcher U.S. goodies ready to mail to you, I'll have it on the way either tomorrow or Friday at the latest! Suzie

  12. Love your thinking, a hair cut always makes me feel slimmer and more confident. I would go to the Hair dressers everyday if i could I love having my hair done that much. Hope your brace isnt giving you to0o much gyp and that eating is a little easyer, although it may help your WLW!!!
    Luv Sophie xxxx

  13. I am trying to grow my hair a bit my cuts are less frequent.

    Last time I went..she added some dark underneath.....when I wear pony tails or braids( I sound like I am 5)it is a fun time I am going to ave her go darker.

    I finally cleaned out my closet...did not get rid of much but I did decide that I need my jeans hemmed..they are way to long..I step on them and they tear.

    I think I am going to concentrate on the right fit for my body type.

    Hope you had a successful week :)

  14. I always feel that you can wear the nicest clothes and shoe and sport a lovely handbag, but if your hair is not right then everything else fails! Suzie. xxx

  15. You kknow...I am always saying this! lol Its funny how a few inches tell us how our hair will look so much better!


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