Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Sew Proud

Finally my sewing machine has been taken out of its box!!
It was a gift from my Nan for my birthday back in April, which sadly she was unable to see me open. For the past 5 months it has sat in its box waiting for the time to spend playing with it properly

A couple of weeks ago I found myself with a few hours spare and decided to take the plunge! I grabbed my CK threads tin and set up my sewing table in the dining room

I actually made a cushion
It was only a practice run with one of my mum’s old shirts to see how the process works but it went better than expected and I don’t feel any fear now to try other things

With that in mind today I’ve booked a day off from work as I have a project in mind which I’ll be practicing (with old sheets) before tackling with the good fabric. Unfortunately I cannot divulge what the project is as I’m hoping it will be good enough to surprise this little lady with

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  1. First project seem to have worked out great! You go gilr! I'm always having a love/hate relationship with my sewing machine. It's a bit like watching gymnastics on TV, when you see it, it all seems so easy, but when I do it myself I can walk with ribbons and jump up and down but make a 'flic-flac' or walk on my hands...now way! Good luck on your further projects!

  2. Mmm a mystery. Great machine, have fun.

  3. Can't wait to see all your makes xx

  4. Wow! Congratulations on your 1st attempt! The little lady will be delighted whatever you make her!

  5. Hehe funny my mum got one for christmas and hasnt opened it yet, so your certainly ahead of her :)
    You did well with your cushion. Looking forward to seeing what you make next!
    Ive just finished making my first skirt with a zip and button! SO Excited to show you guys...just have to get some good pics :)


  6. Now you left me curious!! :)
    I'm sure you will have loads of fun with your sewing machine.

  7. Well done on your practice project. I'm looking forward to seeing all your stitchy creations :) Xx

  8. Good on you for plucking up the courage and going for it - I'm still not quite there! I was making some progress - ie getting closer to working out how to use the machine but then I moved and it got packed into the garage at my mum's. Going to get her to bring it up this weekend though, all being well! xxx

  9. So much fun! The possibilities are endless know.. You won't want to stop. Well done with the cushion
    Isabelle x

  10. What fun you will have with the sewing machine. Look forward to seeing your next creation

  11. Isn't it exciting, thinking of all the things you will do next with that lovely machine! Suzie. x

  12. wow i have had a sewing machine for the past 3 years and its still in its box so your doing alot better than i!
    looking forward to seeing more of creative-ness!

  13. Hey thats great hun!! You on a roll now...cant wait to see the next project!!
    Annie x

  14. What a sweet machine...you are going to have more fun sewing. Your practice cushion turned out very nice....mmmmm, love secrets and surprises. Looking forward to see what you are making...enjoy sewing...hugs, Linda

  15. You're going to have so much fun! I can't get enough of mine although it's costing me a fortune in fabric lol.
    Can't wait to see your something special for the lovely lady ;)
    Beki xxx

  16. YES! Once you have been bitten by the sewing bug, you won't be able to stop, you will be making all sorts of wonderful things!
    Dang, how long are you going to make us wait before we can see your new project?? So not fair.

  17. Great start darling, can't wait to see what else you will produce with your new toy. Enjoy it.

    Love & Hugs

  18. There's no stopping you now!

    Pomona x

  19. Was very impressed!
    I can confirm she did good :)

    Lots of Love

    Kelly xxxx

  20. Ohh, it's a bit more technical than mine! I can't wait to see what you do next...

  21. Well done! Can't wait to see your next project. Are you still fighting with Bob Bobbin??? I hate Bob, we always fall out, I win of course because I can throw him across the room...hehehehe!!! x

  22. Well done, looks great can't wait to see you secret!!!
    Luv Sophie xxx

  23. Have fun with your new machine! Sewing is grand!


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