Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Little Knitter


I’m so excited to share with you my first purchase from Emily at The Black AppleIsn’t it fabulous! I’ve always admired Emily’s work and waited for a piece to speak to me before purchasing and The Little Knitter was it. You can check out Emily’s work for sale on etsy or catch up with Emily on her blog

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  1. She's lovely! The colors and the expression on her face are fabulous! I've just discovered your blog and it's fantastic!!


  2. Oh this really is something for you! Ever since I started following blogs I read the black apple (and her wardrobe blog, something like some girls wander...). Yes it must be my age hehehe not remembering everything, I forgot to email you back that that book 'Collections' is quite fun! Pictures of collecting by colour, of vintage Halloween and Christmas stuff, I love it. And I think it's a bargain at Amazon too.

    "collections projects and ideas to display your treasures"

  3. What a lovely print! I love the one with the patchwork cover on her bed too... a love etsy shop. My bet is that another purchase for you follows shortly (it would look good as a pair)

  4. Hmmmm, this is where you and me fall out! I've been wanting some of Emilys work for a long time but i'm afraid I won't be happy with just one, I want (sorry, would like) several, all grouped together. Hence why I haven't ordered anything yet, perhaps for my birthday.
    Love the one you've chosen!
    I also love Shonna Bucaroff, have you seen her work?
    Beki xxx

  5. I'm a hugh fan of her's and have purcased some of her work too! Yours is just great!xx

  6. Lovely print!
    You have such a good taste!

  7. I love Emilys work, ive been following her blog for a while.
    The print you purchased is adorable and suits you well considering your recent knitting adventures :)


  8. How Charming! xxx

  9. oooh, i want one! lol

    Rose XXX

  10. Ahh it even looks a bit like you when you were little!!!
    That is really cool I love it!!!

  11. Oh this is a wonderful print...perfect for you...hugs, Linda

  12. Horar! I wondered if you had one of her prints? She's wonderful, I love mine too, I so want the whole collection!


    (r u doing the Wizard of Oz party - am racking brains for ideas - eek)

  13. That is absolutely adorable! :)

  14. She is so talented isn't she? I love her blogs, have you checked out Some Girls Wander?

  15. Her art work is fantastic! I'm so glad that you found one that suited you so well! Twyla

  16. Hello!
    Thought I would pop over and say hello - yummy blog...going to have a better look now

    Sam xx

  17. Hi again, re your question, the two I have are fern and the quite room. They are just so sweet, I'd love to have an original.xx


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