Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Fantastic Mr Fox

No not this one


This one


I’m aware we’ve all been having some problems accessing/waiting for blogs to load, leaving comments etc and I thought I’d pass on this lovely bloggers advice

It seems blogger problems are with internet explorer and using Firefox should solve them

I’ve spent the past couple of weeks visiting all your blogs via firefox and haven’t experienced any more issues so I definitely recommend you give it a try!

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  1. Thanks I will download it now :)
    I have been having loads of trouble and been unable to respond to some people that have been kind enough to comment on my posts xx

    Kelly xx

    P.S you will have to wait for your present xxxxx

  2. I use Firefox and have had no problems so I would recommend it. Some sites can be funny with it (mostly BBC ones???) but normally it's fine :)

    Mel xxx

  3. Thanks for the advice! It gets frustrating sometimes! Have a nice day! Twyla

  4. Thank you, Victoria - I was chatting to my dad about doing this only yesterday! You have now given me the final encouragement to get it done. I know lots of people have had problems getting into my blog (including my parents), and I can't read my friend Olga's every time - she recomments Firefox, so here I go...

  5. Internet Explorer sucks! I also use the Google Chrome...pretty good as well~
    Lovely day to you!

  6. Love firefox and never experience problems, your advice is spot on!

  7. Just found your blog thru dustjacket attic & I adore it. I love the retro feel that I am afraid I relate to! I agree about Firefox. My eldest son who is in the digital arts field told me to use it as my web browser a few years ago & it made a big difference. Great tip for everyone out there in blogland!
    :D deb

  8. Hi Ya,

    I've been using firefox for a while now...
    I def don't get as many crashes with it!
    Although it doesn't give me the proper photo uploader in facebook which is annoying!

    Rose XXX

  9. Hi Victoria,
    I am using internet explorer and thankfully haven't had any problems yet but do also occasionally use google chrome as well, will keep firefox in mind for the future though just in case, Thanks for the lovely comment about my w.i.p patchwork by the way!

  10. OMGosh!!! I so know what you mean! I have switched to firefox and my computer is running so much better!!!

    Also here's something I read somewhere online and I thought it was so funny:

    "Friends don't let friends use I.E.!" LOL!


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