Monday, March 6, 2017

More From the Natural Collection

With so many beauty releases in addition to my ever growing stash I often find myself turning away and avoiding the Boots make up aisles for risk of spending my rent money. That said I do keep lingering a little longer over the Boots Natural Collection* display because for £1.99 an item and from experience some hidden gems I could be tempted to part with cash.

Before I started buying more products to share with you I think it makes more sense to talk about the recent items I was sent by Natural Collection* causing my lingering desire to part with more cash. 

At the end of 2016 Natural Collection joined the brow party and added a selection of products for your to dabble with. There is a Brow Pencil*, Brow Kit* and Brow Gel* all at that £1.99 price point, so did we have any high dupes here? The first thing you'll notice is that they are all shades of brown and whilst I can just about manage with the Medium Brown Brow Gel* that's as someone with dark browns so if you're a blonde or fair you may struggle. The Brow Pencil, again in Medium Brown is one I can work with although I prefer the newer brow wiz styles these days. The Brow Kit* really reminds me of the sort of product I used in my younger days with its wax and powder duo and again whilst I'm more about pomades, brow wiz and the like these days it is a nice product to play with but only if you're in the brunette play field. Unfortunately the only real hit from these products is the Brow Gel* playing to my lazy love of such products that I can sweep into brows and go without too much attention to detail. The wand is a little larger than I would like and it is very pigmented and cream so you do need to be cautious when applying but thanks to it's coverage it gives a fuller brow that I would usually only achieve with multiple products. Brow gels are well known for drying out quickly so if you're finding yourself spending out more thank you would like this is handy in a pinch before pay day or to be used on days when you're not facing anyone other than the supermarket staff.

Also new from Natural Collection was their Highlighter Sticks* available in three shades; rose, copper and coral glow. Coral Glow has become a favourite and one I'm using often when I want a flush of colour and a little highlight without needing another product. As you can see from the swatches they are pigmented but a little thick so you might want to play with application methods that suit you. The copper and rose shades haven't worked for me, the latter being as you will know from reading my Wet n Wild review recently that I just can't get on board with highlighting sticks. 

Finally were some regular items from their line I was able to try. If you remember Lancome Juicy Tubes and miss them you might want to check out Natural Collection Tinted Lip Balms*. These are a little sticky as you would expect and certainly only provide a tint but if that's your thing you might want to check them out.

Natural Collection Nail Colours* are also only £1.99 so if you need something in a hurry these aren't bad to look at. I didn't test for very long I must confess and was happy that there was no instant chipping. If you like to try different colours out regularly then these might be for you rather than spending twice as much on alternatives.

Finally the Natural Collection Water Guard Mascara* which was a little too dry and didn't really do much to my lashes other than enhance their natural appearance but not in a 'I have long fluttery lashes' natural way. Of course if like me you've arrived at work, looked in the mirror and realised you forgot to apply mascara then it'd be worth popping to Boots and picking this up to cover you for the day but it's nothing something I would seek out.

Since my first experience with Natural Collection I now remain a little bit baffled by the brand and who they are marketing at. On that first use I thought I had it sussed, natural looking, no nonsense affordable make up but I assume for their price point they'll appeal to younger girls and adding highlighters and brow gels to the line up they're trying to compete with other brands but why such a limited colour range?

What are your thoughts on the Natural Collection brand?

*this post contains press samples and / or affiliate links

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  1. I don't think I've ever tried anything from this brand, the products don't look very appealing but I can imagine they're perfect for very young girls who just start experimenting with makeup. x

    Mummy's Beauty Corner

    1. The packaging does certainly let them down and as I say the cost and the 'small' offering of shades and products suggests it might be for the younger person looking to experiment. That said I think when you see other brands looking more attractive you wonder who they are aiming their brand too.

  2. Like you, I've also found some gems from Natural Collection. I tend not to get on with drugstore eyeshadows, but the Natural Collection offerings are one of the few affordable eyeshadows that I really like! I've been impressed with their powder blushers too, though a little disappointed that both the eyeshadow and blusher pans tend to come loose from the plastic packaging. Their squeezy lip glosses were one of the first products I bought when I was getting into makeup. Unfortunately, they quickly began to smell bad - really bad! I had to throw them away and haven't bought any since. Xx

    Tania | When Tania Talks

    1. You're quite right the pans don't have enough stick and often come loose, but as you say for a couple of pounds I can live with that xx


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