Tuesday, November 15, 2016

By Invitation | A Michael Buble Fragrance

By Invitation | A Michael Buble Fragrance

It feels rather unseemly to publish a review of Michael Bubles' new ladies fragrance, By Invitation when his family are going through a rather difficult time but as I was lucky enough to be sent a bottle and it's such a great scent I'm keen to share it with you so decided to hit publish.

By Invitation has burst onto the blog scene and I'm sure if you're a regular blog reader you will have stumbled across at least one review. Celebrity fragrances are coming a long way from their early beginnings and I've come across one or two in recent years which I've been both surprised by and enjoyed but By Invitation with Michael Buble is on another level.

There's a great marketing campaign from the Michael Buble Perfume team and wonderful quotes from Michael himself about how it's 'love in a bottle' and he wanted to create something special for his fans to enjoy and celebrate love but how does the fragrance match up.

In my opinion it's surpassed any expectations I might have had for it to be 'nice' and it could easily become a favourite of mine. This fragrance is as described stunning and elegant and perfect for the season.

It's a warm scent which is modern floral oriental scent and long lasting, I've been wearing this for a number of weeks now and every time someone has commented on the smell (positively I might add!) and that is late in the day when I first applied. Its crisp and light enough to be warn by day but has enough fragrance to carry you through till evening.

My only complete is the bottle design, whilst pretty to look at I find the 'gold' element or the 'bracelet' is a little bit too 'plastic' for my liking. My bottle was actually damaged in transit so my lid is cracked and the atomiser detail is snapped off which the eagle eyed will notice in the photo. Obviously this doesn't effect how it sits on my dressing table but perhaps I would've preferred they concentrated on the glass bottle rather than the extra details.

If you know a Buble fan and struggling to know what to buy them for Christmas this is a great pick. Visit michaelbubleperfume.com to see more.

*this post contains press samples

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  1. For the longest time, I avoided celebrity fragrances. I used to think that they would be over the top & tacky. Let's be honest, they definitely were when they first became a 'thing'. In recent years, I've come across a couple that I like though. This has lead me to believe that celebrity fragrances have come a long way since they first hit the market. I've read a few glowing reviews of By Invitation, so I'm definitely going to be testing it out when I'm next near a perfume counter or store! Xx

    Tania | When Tania Talks

    1. Oh definitely I was the same. My biggest surprise was being sent the 007 fragrance for women, I gave it a sniff expecting to cast aside and I've been through two bottles! They've definitely come a long way x


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