Friday, August 5, 2016

Dr. Paw Paw Tinted Balms

My first experience with Dr. PawPaw was the original balm formula. Made with papaya and fragrance free the original is a complete wonder product that could be used in all manner of ways whether on the lips or to nourish cuticles. It is a very handy in flight essential

There are now two new additions to the Dr. PawPaw line up in either a peach or red tint. These additional bursts of colour mean that they can be used as a blush or lip colour.

My instant reaction was I would love the red tint but it's actually the peach that has caught my attention. It's a lovely subtle colour to the lips and as a blush it's perfect and would be ideal if you don't want to go onto the beach without some make up on.

The red is of course fantastic and I prefer as a blush to a lip colour. It's more of a stain but I loved it for the flush of colour it gave to my cheeks and is handy to have in the desk draw if you're starting to flag and need an impromptu pick me up. 

QVC have a set of all three balms available here which would make a great gift for a friend or yourself. If short on time, heading off on travels or simply just to treat yourself this could be just the thing. 

*this post contains press samples

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  1. I love these and agree, the red is better for a cheek stain rather than a lip tint x

  2. I bet they both look good on you :)!!

  3. I love the Dr. PawPaw balms! Like you, I get on with the red tint better as a cheek colour than on the lips. I love the peach colour! Perfect for a natural, quick look. Xx

    Tania | Dr. PawPaw Original Balm Review


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