Monday, November 2, 2015

Book Review | Simply Glamorous

Gary Cockerill may be known by many as friend and make up artist to Katie Price but with the release of his new book Simply Glamourous he certainly proves his make up skills go way beyond reality tv.

Simply put this is your typical how to but for me this is written in a style that wants you the reader to try the looks at home whether the most natural to the more decadent 'Showgirl' and Gary makes it look easy. Or at least like you could try.

In a time where YouTube tutorials are king it may seem strange to release the more traditional format and maybe it's my age but I've followed those tutorials and between trying to apply gel liner and press pause, constant rewinding when things go a little too fast it can become frustrating. With this book you can follow at your own pace. Tips and instructions are given in easy to read and understand format and in most instances what you need is right in front of you without even needing to turn the page.

There are sections in the book for your face, eyes, lips, easy to digest tips complimenting your how to's, information on skin types and finding our whether you are warm or cool toned. I particularly liked this, I've done the 'what colour are your veins' etc but often end up more confused than when I started whereas here you have, laid out before you actual colours identifying as well as the likes of eye shapes and so on. Visually this is cleaner and easy to digest for me.

From barely there make up to one face four ways and finding the perfect nude or red lip everything is covered. There is most definitely something for everyone and isn't just a book for extravagant make up wearers or pure newbies to the arena. I'd be surprised if there was anyone that wouldn't learn at least something new from this book. Even mascara wand types have their own page.

As a blogger, YouTube viewer and general make up lover I have in the past brought every item featured in a tutorial, panicking when some weren't available and whether that would ruin a look. With Simply Glamourous and the tutorials available here you are unaware of the products used. Gary tells you it's a 'black mascara' or a 'rose pink blush' but other than that it leaves you some experimentation and confidence to use maybe what you already have rather than thinking you can't possibly create said look without 'that' specific product. If you turn to the back of the book Gary does list the products he has used and they are largely high end with a little Sleek thrown in for good measure but again visually you're allowed to interpret and use what is available to you.

I've yet to dive into the book and start putting the tutorials into practice on myself instead enjoying reading and absorbing all the information but I feel inspired and often the very opposite is what can happen with these types of books. Even as I type this review and flick back through the book I'm excited and feel like I can achieve some of these looks and that's all Gary wants, make up to be realised as accessible to all.

Young or old will enjoy this book, scared of contouring that's covered, think you're too old for a glamourous evening look well just turn to the page showing Gary's mum, you'll be blown away.
If you love make up or know someone that does this might very well be the best thing you could buy them for Christmas.

Simply Glamourous by Gary Cockerill is published by Jacqui Small and available from Amazon here. Does this sound like a present you'd like to receive?

*This product contains press samples

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  1. I love a good make up book so will be checking this out. x x

  2. This looks great and I need a lot of help when it comes to make-up!

    Are you going to any press days this week? I'd love to meet you! x

  3. This looks amazing! I'll definitely have to add this to my Christmas list :)
    xo Kiki

  4. I've been thinking to buy some makeup books written by real makeup artists so I think I will get this one, it sounds like a good one! x

    Mummy’s Beauty Corner

    1. It definitely covers the spectrum of make up looks and reads so much better than others I've read in the past x


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