Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Practice Makes Perfect

Two things I'm not adept at are applying false eyelashes or the unicorn of make up, perfect winged eyeliner. To be honest neither has caused me many a sleepless night but in part due to beauty blogging they are both things I want to master.

When applying make up for the day ahead, typically on the train for me this is not the time to perfect either of these skills which is why when I come home of an evening before I remove my make up, I add more.

First I start with the Paul & Joe Liquid Eyeliner which I was obsessed with when it first landed in my lap. Admittedly I was only doing a very basic and simple line but it applied with such ease that it gave me the confidence to trying to wing things out. The tip is thin, firm and flexible which is perfect for what I need and where others have failed. I have slightly hooded eyes so I also have to master not only the flick but positioning it so that it works with my hooded lid than against it. A friend popped round after work recently and commented on my eyeliner, not realising this was a practice attempt which saw a slight swell in pride. I may be just about mastering a decent flick, but matching ones, well that's a long way off yet.

If I'm feeling extra experimental I'll also throw on some lashes too, particularly as I find them fairly safe to just pull off if things don't go as planned. You maybe remember I've been known to use the Bourjois applicator which I posted about here but at the moment I'm varying between diving in and using that tool. The lashes I'm currently having fun with are from KISS* six different types with names such as Shy or Pretty to the Vamp or Sultry which are available to buy in Superdrug stores. There's really something for everyone from the brave false eyelash wearers to the timid. I was able to have some applied by the professionals at a recent event and went for Iconic which I loved for whilst they were evident it was naturally so. The professional did cut the lashes down to size for me which was useful to have done as I was then able to use that pair as something of a guide for others when applying at home and I definitely think the cutting to size is where I was going wrong before.

It may seem a little wasteful to practice these skills for a night in front of Big Brother but I've too often found myself struggling with liners or lashes before nights out and getting myself in a right mess and usually throwing a complete strop. This way I'll be prepared for that next party.

Have you mastered either of these skills? I'd love to hear your tips.

*PR Sample

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  1. Well, it's a skill. And skills take time.
    I've given up on the winged eyeliner, but at my age that's wise. Don't need anything extra to highlight the "laughter lines"!
    As for lashes, ooh, I love them. Used to wear them a lot, but I've given up. Reason being whenever I removed them I would pull out some of my own lashes too. Not great.

    So, now I just stick to eyelash curlers and oodles of mascara. I'm all about the eyelash & I always will be!
    p.s show us a pic of your eyeliner/lash combo, would love to see.

    1. I'm dreadful at remembering to curl lashes... in fact I'm inspired I will be getting my eyelashers out the drawer tonight and sitting them in front of me so I can't forget! I'm not sure if I'm ready for exposing a photo of my practice!!! x

  2. I used to be so skilled at putting on false eyelashes, but the less I wear them the worse I get. Clearly should get back on the saddle as I have a pile of the KISS ones at home to try! x

    1. I'm getting better but only because of practice, as you say you get worse the more you leave it! x

  3. I thought I was the only 1! lol I need to practice Grace

  4. I have just about managed to master an acceptable winged liner. Not easy as my eye shape doesn't lend itself to a wing so I've had to figure out a way to make it work for me. But lashes.... I've never even attempted it. This shall be my next mission! I'm with you on the practising in the evenings thing - after all, right before you have to go out is NOT the time to get all experimental on your face! x

    Kate Louise Blogs

    1. Mine either as it's hooded and there's not much lid to play with!


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