Thursday, February 27, 2014

Top Three Foot Creams for Spring

2013 was the year I made hand cream a part of my everyday routine.
2014 will be the year the same is said for foot cream.

Whilst I love a pedicure and always ensure there's a splash of red across my toes due to the mutterings of some guy friends many years ago where they judged women who didn't take care of their feet I'm somewhat lax in applying foot creams.

There's no reason for its exclusion from my beauty regimes other than laziness and it's time to take care of my feet after their ability to keep me in heels on a daily basis. I now have three foot creams floating around the house, all different textures depending on my needs.

Elemis 'treat your feet' Foot Cream 
This is what I'd call the 'traditional' type of foot cream and was a gift from mum when I told her about my 2014 foot resolutions. Out of the three products I'm going to talk about today this is the pampering one, the one that sits alongside my hand cream in my lounge ready to pop on when the mood takes me as I'm sitting watching the latest episode of The Khardashians. My feet are left moisturised thanks to shea butter ingredients and a beautiful scent of eucalyptus and lemon oils perfect for this time of year.

Lotil Footcream*
Thanks to the familiar marzipan scent of Lotil cream (read my review here) their foot cream offering has helped with daily application. This whooping 114ml tub sits in my bedside drawer and is popped on when I climb into bed. I've become quite taken with a soothing foot massage at the end of a hard day. Thicker than the Elemis cream but yet light weight enough that it massages into the hard skinned areas nicely my feet feel soft and pleasantly scented.

Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula Foot Magic
The final product on my list is by Palmer's and this is my heavy duty offering containing natural emollients such as cocoa and mango butters to help even the roughest skin. We've all had those major shopping sessions which we return to and our feet have paid the price. Rest assured slather this, this is the tricky bit because the only texture I can liken it too is a very thick petroleum jelly type substance, so slather that all over you feet and then pop on some cotton socks and let it work it's 'foot magic' overnight. I adore the scent of peppermint and in the morning your feet won't even show the signs of a major hiking session.

So they are my current three picks to get my feet tip top for Summer. Don't forget to leave your recommendations and any tips you have for keeping the spring in your step.

*this post contains press samples
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  1. I have tried many hundreds of foot creams as I have one incredibly dry and prone to cracking heel (only 1!) A chiropodist once told me he thought it could be due to nerve damage some years before. I've gone through all sorts like Elemis, Clarins, B-Line and many others in between but the very best for me and the one I'm sticking to is Flexitol - incredibly cheap and very basic but it works wonders for me & I take some with me whenever I'm away. It doesn't have the lovely scent of Elemis though!

  2. I have been none to struggle with cracked heels when hotter weather begins to appear so I definitely think I am going to try some of these!


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