Friday, January 4, 2013

The Impossible

Last night my friend and I went to see The Impossible, a film based on a real life families survival of the 2004  tsunami in Thailand and oh my was it traumatic!

I am not one for crying in films but I think tears flowed from beginning to end - my friend said she cried all the way home too.

Whilst I thoroughly enjoyed (which seems the wrong word!) it I'm not sure I could put myself through watching it again - not without thoroughly preparing myself first

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  1. I have seen the trailers, and I read about it in Grazia last week, and I just KNOW I have to avoid watching it.

    The fact that it is a real life story of a survivor of the Tsunami just gets to me. I can't imagine how hideous it was to get caught up in that.

    In the trailer there is a bit where the mum and a son are together and the boy says 'I'm scared', and that was enough to make me cry. As a mum, hearing your child say that and to know the sitauation is so bad you both might die, well, I just can't deal with it. It has me in tears watching the ad, I can't sit through that and not cry!

    So I have to avoid it. Have to. Well done for you for watching it.


  2. Goodness me, I think this would be one I couldn't watch either!
    I remember going to see Schindler's list and at the end of the film not one person moving out of their seats, all was quiet apart from noises of people crying. I sobbed nearly all weekend after seeing that.
    Lisa x

  3. I know I couldn't watch it. I remember waiting for a call from a friend to say whether they were ok - they were right there but luckily escaped.

  4. I don't think I'll be able to sit through this one in cinemas as I'm really not a fan of crying in public if I can possibly avoid it! I found the news coverage of the Tsunami so harrowing at the time and it hasn't lost it's potency years later. Such a tragic waste of so many lives! :-(

    Jem xXx

  5. I've seen the trailer and decided to avoid it, too traumatic.
    Thanks for the tip about trying to load photos again, it seems to be working!

  6. I do want to see this but will wait untill it's on sky movies I think and arm myself with a box of tissues or three xx

  7. I think this is one to watch at home, though I'm not sure I'd sleep after seeing it. I'm looking forward to seeing Les Miserables when it comes out next weekend.

  8. I'll take a big box of tissues with me as I cry at the least sad thing never mind something as sad as that, Lucey x

  9. Ooh, we've been talking about this at work today, I think I could watch it but would no doubt cry all the way through. One colleague said she couldn't bear to go see it as it would be far too traumatic. Maybe one to watch at home when it's out on dvd? x

  10. Gosh, I better build myself up before I face such a sad film!

  11. A couple came into the shop yesterday after watching it..... both had been crying a lot! Not sure I want to see it now. Although I normally only cry if there's an animal involved!! xx

  12. I went to see it yesterday with my 12yo son. Didn't think it would be quite so traumatic. He sat through it all, and at the end turned to me and said 'God, Mum, I preferred The Hobbit!!!'

  13. I cried just watching the trailer! There is no way I could watch the whole film!


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