Thursday, August 30, 2012

Mirror Mirror

After 2.5 years I have finally found a lovely handyman who was able to put my "mirror mirror" on the wall. This mirror (originally from Next - I promise I'm not sponsored by them just have an accommodating account withthem!!) used to hang in my bedroom at my parents and I naturally assumed that it would belong in the bedroom of my flat. Then I brought a rather large full length mirror and it wasn't needed
I started decorating my front room and thought the mirror would be perfect to replace what was previously in that space... but of course the problem remained that I still needed to find someone to attach it to the wall!

After 5 months I managed to track down a handyman in the local area who charged me a reasonable £30 to put on the wall - I couldn't have been happier but..... it was smaller than the previous mirror and of course its shape made it difficult for me to think how I could make use of the space around it

Ben joined me for dinner on Friday I explained how I was thinking about putting the sconces in the front room but couldn't decide where and he queried why I didn't put them alongside the mirror - brilliant idea... so that is what I have done... and I love it!

Mum decided that the white candles I originally had in place weren't suitable so she has popped in yesterday and replaced them with black ones which I agree are far more striking!

Its amazing how things can fall in to place and using decorations from other rooms can give a new lease of life to another

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  1. love that mirror. Really nice.
    You could also have had a floating shelf underneath the mirror, to give yourself a faux mantelpiece.

    But, got to say, love it just as it is.


  2. It looks great. I remember reading an article by an interior designer about new looks for less cash. They said you can make a huge impact sometimes by simply having a good clean and moving items around so that you notice them again. I'm all in favour of new looks for no outlay! XX

  3. Loving that mirror, looks fabulous on your wall.
    Victoria xx

  4. Its just you talk to it, smile!

  5. Gorgeous mirror, it looks lovely :)

  6. It looks fabulous. I love your boys and girls cushions too.

  7. GORGEOUS! that mirror and sconces were made for each other - chic and well stylish!!
    BH x

  8. Love the new look of your living room!
    I hope all is well with you, have a good weekend!

  9. Looks great - I am putting up a shelf today - I had to borrow a friend's drill!

  10. Gorgeous mirror, I guess it was always meant to be hung in your living room afterall! xxx


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