Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Polo Bling!

Many of you were interested to hear what I'll be wearing to this weekends' Polo event so I thought I'd keep you in suspense a little longer and share my accessories today!

I need a bag large enough to carry camera, make up etc as it'll be a long day and this oversized envelope clutch from ASOS is perfect

My dress is long so you won't really see my classic nude peep toes which I'm somewhat anxious about wearing as they're not particularly comfortable!!! 

Earrings from Oasis (already in the sale grrrrr) and 2 cuffs by River Island

A friend approved the full ensemble last night and it's been given the thumbs up! 

I'm getting quite excited!!

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  1. You never go wrong with gold!
    Have fun V!

    P.S.Don't worry, I'll keep the secret about your dress until the official reveal! ;D

  2. Lovely! A group of my friends are all going, I couldn't make it but it sounds like a fabulous day out! Enjoy x

  3. fabulous darling!

    I've got shoes the same as those, and my Top Tip is to put plasters across your toes at the start of the day. Low down, so they can't be seen. The fabric ones are best, most invisible and stay put.

    Bill and the Girl roar with laughter at me doing this every time I wear peep toes, but if I don't I end up with sore, bloody toes and that's no fun at all.

    cannot wait to see your frock!


  4. Have a lovely time...will we get to see the dress? :) x

  5. i'd give you two thumbs up plus two toes as that peep toes shoes is so stunning! i too never feel comfy with high heels but fashion is sometimes painful hehe, gorgeous bangles and earrings and oh my oh my that clutch is super gorgeous too! i really want to see the long dress ur going to wear! xx Susan

  6. You have tons of fun Victoria!! Love those shoes!

  7. Love the clutch. Can't wait to see you in all your finery. I'm sure you'll look better than that Made In Chelsea lot. Hope your shoes are kind to you. xx

  8. oooh loving all of these, esp the bag! You are going to look fabulous! Scarlett x

  9. Very glam, I love the bag especially. Have lots of fun, is Prince Harry going? ;-)

  10. You are brave wearing high heels!
    You are going to sparkle!
    Lisa x

  11. Polo event what´s this??? Have I missed something, I´m on holiday in sunny Tenerife and I thought I´d have a little catch up with what´s going on, have a lovely time and I´m sure you´ll look fab, Lucey x

  12. Picking out accessories is just as exciting as picking out the dress in my opinion. I couldn't wear those shoes, far too high for me, but gorgeous all the same. Love the clutch.

  13. Nice digs! You'll have a blast!

    Sandy xox


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