Saturday, July 10, 2010

Move over Weddings...

It's now all about BABIES!

Not only is Kelly expecting a little bundle next year but so are my brother and his wife.....

Kelly, my SIL Sarah and I all got together for lunch last weekend and there was lot's of baby talk and baby shower planning (others we put together can be seen here and here) so there is certainly some exciting times ahead (and expensive Christmases coming!)... Sarah and Kelly are already putting together their shopping lists for me to take to Vegas in December!

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  1. How exciting, more baby showers for you to organise and then more babies to cuddle

  2. My goodness, look at all this exciting news. Congratulations to everyone :0) Off to have a peeky at Kelly's wedding photographs, and please send on my congratulations about the baby, ohhoo I love babies :0) Hope you are well, and that you are happy Victoria, I am playing catch up so apologies not been popping in to see you as much as i would have liked.

    Yes the JL thing was very nice eeek at the price at the flip video they gave us ;0) Very kind of them
    Love and hugs

    Mary XX

  3. Aaahhh how lovely, congratulations to your brother & your sister in law.

  4. Babies everywhere....hope it's not catching!!! My friend is due in 2 weeks, she was very hot & bothered last night & breathing funny....I didn't hang about just in case!!!!
    Congratulations to your SIL x

  5. Victoria, how exciting all the baby showers-what fun! Every where I look there are so many pregnant women around! They are beautiful!

  6. Oh, this is exciting news...nothing more special then little bundles of joy. I think they are going to be showed with love and lots of treats...hugs, Linda

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  8. Congratulations Auntie Victoria! They certainly know how much you do love to organize fabulous ;-)

  9. Looking forward to it all Victoria, can't wait for Bop. Bet Brody is excited at the though of having a little brother or sister!

    Hugs RosieP x

  10. OOOH Lots of things to celebrate!! Congrats to all!!! Cant wait to see all the pics!!
    Annie x

  11. Ooooh - must be something in the air! Plenty of reasons for little parties now :-)

  12. They look so cute together...and the burger looks sooo good!

  13. Aww how sweet! Congrats :) This has to be the cutest and most floral blog i'v ever seen ;) xox

  14. How exciting! There are so many wonderful baby items to make and buy!

  15. Oh yes, I've noticed the same shift here too, a couple of years ago everyone was getting engaged and then married now most of my friends seem to be expecting or trying for a baby... I'm still waiting for my diamond ring though ;)

    Babys are a fun addition though - well as long as you're not signed up to too much babysitting already!

  16. Yay so excited!!! Can't wait to be off work at the same time!! should be fun!!!


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