Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Happy Days

Sunday Epping hosted our Town Show and despite a few clouds in the sky it was a very successful event

town show 009

I proved once again I can find something to buy anywhere – including in the middle of a field - with the purchase of this lovely bag

town show 014

Isn’t it fantastic! I think it’s going to be my knitting bag (I have a lesson at Prick Your Finger on Saturday!!)

Then we joined my parents up the local pub to buy our dads a pint for Father’s Day


And this little guy was on top form


I hope you enjoyed your day

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  1. He is such a cute baby. I love the bag X

  2. My does he grow! I remember you told us you were going to be an aunt like it was yesterday!

  3. sad i missed the fair :-(
    and the pub!

    did have a good bbq at nan's tho :-)

    see you tomorrow for FF!!!!

    Rose XXX

  4. Hi Victoria, I love your blog! Thanks for popping by mine too.

    I am sorry I do not know the exact date when the Cath shop is opening. I do hope it is in time for your trip so you treat yourself to lots of lovely things :)

  5. Ooh and forgot to say that I now have photographic evidence! It was taken with a BlackBerry so the quality is not great, but you can just make out the all important text!This is on the original post of my blog a page back :)

  6. looks like you had a fab time... v.envious that you are off to knitting shop!.. have a great week. Tx

  7. Looks like fun! :) What a sweetie pie.

  8. Thanks for sharing your day. Good luck with the knitting! Have a wonderful week! Twyla

  9. You are too cute and so is your bag. It will be great for your knitting...are you enjoying your lessons? hugs, Linda


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